Nick is going to a new dentist today. We were able to find him a dentist office that accepts our insurance. I just hope and pray it’s not like all the others that treat their customers like shit just because of the insurance they have. I’m hoping because of the location of this office it will be different. My hopes are high. It’s in a few towns down from us. Approximately a 20-25 minute drive from our home to the office. Nothing terrible. What’s best is that it’s in a good neighborhood, not the hood. With all the shootings and robberies and such that have been happening in our area, that was the number one thing I was adamant about. I have to pick up Nick from school around noon, drive out to his appointment, fill out their paperwork, and then his appointment is at 1 pm. Everyone pray that it’s a good office. Otherwise, I will be figuring out a job and asking Mike to take me to the courthouse and marry me immediately.

Job Search…

The job search has been slow. I’ve been throwing my name into the pot for a few jobs here and there. Nothing really serious, though. No call backs or interviews. Honestly, I cannot say I’m not surprised. I’m hardly qualified to do anything. I had a year of cashier experience, and a little over of two years combined of office and customer service experience. I’m just not experienced in anything. I don’t have much work history because I got pregnant at such a young age that half my time in the career field I was a stay at home mom. I also have very sporadic work history. I worked for 9 months this year, then 1.5 years two years later, then only 10 months four years later. Smh. Who the hell would want to hire me? On paper, I look like a shitty employee. I don’t think that Mike or his mom understand that.

Then my sister called me yesterday to tell me she had a job for me, and it would pretty much be a shoe-in. However, she didn’t know the hours (kinda important), it was on her side of town – ugh, and that I’d either be working in an auto parts store (with zero knowledge about cars) or as a driver (driving scares the shit out of me). Yup, that all sounds perfect, sis.  I politely declined and then Mike asked what that was all about and when I told him he almost seemed disappointed that I wasn’t willing to take it. I mean, babe, do you honestly want me working on the Northside of town? Yea, I didn’t think so.

I will find a job at my pace. I want something I can enjoy, not something I’m going to hate and then leave right away. I want something that’s going to be worth my time. Hell, my old job’s starting pay is around $12 an hour. That’s an amazing starting pay. However, they don’t hire until January and I haven’t the faintest idea whether or not that they would be willing to get me in or take me back. That’s something I’ll have to figure out next winter when I apply to go back.

I will figure it all out. Don’t you worry. Heh. I just realized, on most of my applications, I put in that I could start work on the 16th. What on earth was I thinking!? I have surgery on the 18th! Goodness, I’m an idiot sometimes.

Budget and Such

I’ve decided I’m really good with budgeting. I get exactly $237 a month. I never overdraft my credit card. I own two credit cards. I have to pay one bill (internet). I pay for everything that we need for the house and for the boys. I buy clothes, shampoo, soap, paper towel, toilet paper, etc. I never, EVER ask for additional money — unless it’s for something special for instance: school photos, field trip money, or other expenses I cannot afford almost always school related. With that being said, I want to say I’m pretty good with money. I wish Mike would allow me to budget ALL the money but that’s not how we operate. His money is his money, and my money is my money, with the exception that if he needs something, I get it, and if I need something important, he gets it. He pays for most of our reward outings like the movie we went to on Mother’s Day.

I do alright, though. In 2016, since January, I have won almost $900 worth of money, gift cards, or products. That’s extra income we didn’t have before. I budget the money for food very carefully and while I might complain that it’s hard sometimes, we hardly ever go without and if we do go without it, it is extras, not necessities. Yesterday, I won a $100 VISA gift card from a Twitter party. Two or three weeks ago, I won $200 worth of gift cards and an additional $50 worth of free products. The week before that was a $50 VISA gift card. We ended up using the $50 VISA gift card on buying Mikhail a new watch for his early birthday present. That was money we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford had I not won. So, I do contribute to the family. We have everything we need. The boys are fed, clothed, and warm. They have all the supplies they need for school. They have their field trips and extracurricular activities and such.

Now I’m in the works to start couponing again. I gathered about four weeks worth of coupons that I got from my stepmom and spent about two hours organizing, sorting, clipping, and filing into my coupon binder. I go shopping on Thursday so we’ll see how well I can implement the coupons to my trip. It may be a disaster but I’m going to try anyway. I’m unsure if I’m going to bother to take my binder with me to the store or just grab the coupons that I plan on using (from my list) and do it that way. Remember, I’m trying not to buy things simply because I have a coupon, but rather save money on the stuff I’m buying anyway.

We’ll see how it goes.

On that note, I’m going to end this here. I’ll add one final note that I am feeling somewhat better. It is touch and go. Somedays are better than others. Somedays I can eat anything while other days I’m still rushing to the bathroom after eating. Only one week left until surgery. I’m ready for it. I’m mentally preparing myself for the recovery and feeling like poop the first few days but I should be alright. It will all be worth it, right?

Ok, until next time… which shouldn’t be too long at all.

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