It’s only been a week, Nik. Not even if you want to be technical about it. They technically have until March 20th to get back to you. HOLD YOUR HORSES! I am nervous. I am worried they’re not going to call me back about this job. I waited all week long for the phone call and guess what? No phone call. They’re still VERY early in the hiring process. It’s going to take a little bit for them to call you. Remain positive. Most importantly, remain calm. They will call you soon. If they don’t call you by Friday, then you’re simply going to have to wait an additional four weeks to start the next training class. If they don’t call you at all, at least you put your heart and soul into it and tried your best. That’s all you can ask of yourself.

This is how I’ve looked all week:

Moving along… Mom’s Christmas

We celebrated Christmas my mom and her side of the family. That includes my sister, her family, my mom,  and my mom’s boyfriend and his daughter and her family.  It was an alright time. My mom arrived around 12 pm. People weren’t expected to show until 3 pm so we just drank coffee, scratched off lottery tickets, and started preparing the food together. Mike remained downstairs until he heard a commotion of people upstairs then he emerged. My mom’s boyfriend (also Mike) arrived about 3, followed by my sister Krystal, and sister Sarah plus their families. We all ate lots of food. We had SO much food. Around 4:30, we opened presents. Everyone said thank you and by 5:30, everyone was gone.

Here’s the pictures I took of the event:


Today is Mike’s and I’s 12th year anniversary. I know I probably wrote that wrong but *shrugs*. Twelve years already. Insanity. We’re not doing anything as far as I’m aware. We usually never do. I wish we did something to celebrate that we haven’t murdered each other but whatcha gonna do? I still love his face and the grump that he is. He’s a good guy.

I guess that’s all I really wanted to write about. I hope my next blog post will be about that most anticipated phone call I’m awaiting.

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