So Monday was difficult and trying all at the same time. I think this calls for its own personal post.

It started off great. I woke up shortly after 4 am. I couldn’t get much more sleep. I had gone to bed at 8:10 pm the previous night and I felt as though I had gotten enough sleep, I guess. I tossed and turned for a few hours and finally awoke when my alarm went off at 6:30 am. I felt energized and refreshed. This is the life.

I went downstairs and proceeded to have three, very large cups of coffee, at my own leisure. The boys were awake, getting ready for their day, and going off to school. After I got Mikhail on the bus, I came inside, got dressed and ready for my own day, finished my cup of coffee, and headed out the door around 8:15 am. I was leaving rather early but I had intentions of talking to Dawn, the scheduler, regarding a schedule change I wanted to do.

I caught her just as she walked in the door. I let her get into her office and sit down before I went in. I explained the situation, “My son has an opportunity to go to summer camp this year and all that sounds great but unfortunately I would have to leave here one half hour earlier for all my shifts starting in June…” She told me to write it down on a schedule change slip and make it official on paper and that she would talk to me about it later on. Fair enough.

The day progressed and I had some fairly easy calls. It was much slower than I had anticipated for a Monday morning, but like someone had said to me, “You’ll be starting at nine so the call volume usually dies down at that time.” Fine by me. I grabbed my planner and got to work. I filled out my daily sheet, my to-do list for the day, then I started working on some of the other lists I had in other categories. Then I started on the Disney section of my planner. It’s brand new and needed some run down lists. Stuff like, where do we plan on dining, where do we plan on stopping at all the parks, what are our top three must-dos while we are there, etc. Then I get a phone call from the team leader (manager). “Nik, can you come to my office please?” Ahh shit. I go to Erika’s office and she goes, “Close the door and sit down please.” Ahh fuck. Now, what did I do!? After some hesitation, I do as she asked, turned and sat down on the chair. She looks at me, very seriously, then smiles wide, claps her hands together, and goes, “I just wanted to welcome you to my team! WELCOME NIK! I hear you’re doing some pretty awesome stuff out there. Keep up the good work! If you have any questions, any questions at all, please feel free to come to me with anything! Scheduling, payroll, hours, problems with tickets, problems with co-workers, anything at all, please feel free to come and talk to me about it. You’re doing a great job! Keep up the good work!” PHEW!

I explained to her that I had talked to Dawn about changing my shift for a half hour less in the summer time and she said that shouldn’t be an issue what so ever. *shrugs* She said so. She has higher seniority than Dawn so I’m not too concerned about it at this point.

I head back to my desk, relieved! I mean, PHEW! I get my barrings together and take a deep breath and go back into ready to take calls. That’s when I get my paystub. I check it out because when I was paid on Friday my taxes out were ridiculous! Turns out they were taking out an additional $10 out of each check plus everything for Federal. I called HR and left a message for her. I got a phone call when she apparently called me back and I got an IM from the command center to go upstairs and talk to HR.

We established that I never put that I wanted an extra $10 off my checks. What I had filled out wasn’t working for me. I ended up changing my tax forms. I also found out that instead of taking out the normal federal amount on my next check, they were going to take out $20 less to compensate for the money taken out of my last two checks. So, it will be two or more checks before I see my actual changes on my federal. *shrugs* Whatever. As long as it’s all figured out eventually, I don’t care.

So, I come back to my desk, put away my planner and grab my Kindle. I start reading and I’m watching the time. I thought for sure I would be sitting there going, ugh. The time is ticking away and I’m still stuck here. But that wasn’t the case. Being in a basement with a few windows so you know whether or not it’s daylight or nightfall means you really don’t know any difference in time. While the clock said 2 pm, it didn’t feel like ugh, you should have been out of here a half an hour ago!  No, it wasn’t like that at all. It was 2 pm and it was time for lunch. I wasn’t starving but I was hungry. I ate my lunch and had a few people come in and go, “You have lunch at this time!? Well, that sucks!” I ate my lunch and was fine.

After lunch, it was pretty calm. I had calls coming in every 15-20 minutes or so. The time went by fairly quickly. It was 3:45. I had fifteen minutes until my shift was done and I knew from experience I had one more call coming in. It came in and it was an old woman. She started rattling off information faster than I could type. I jumped around in the tabs and took down the information as fast as I could. I attempted to not show my annoyance but did a terrible job. I kept a smile on my voice as much as I possibly could but this lady was just not having any of it. I did the best I could to get the information from her. Every time I’d ask the next question I needed answered she would go off on another tyrant in a different direction. UGH. I just wanted to go home. I ended up getting off the call approx. 15 minutes after my shift was done. During the call, after four o’ clock I got an IM from Dawn saying “When does summer camp start and end? You put that you wanted the effective date on 03/06. When do you have to have this by?” I tried messaging her back saying day camp is from 06/12 until 08/04. I got off the phone. I gave the command center the Y cord that I had still and went and punched out.

That’s something I’m going to have to get used to. Being stuck on a call after my shift is done. It’s going to happen – a lot. It’s something that I’m going to have to remember doing and get used to doing it. The boys will be fine for an additional 10-30 minutes.

I was worked up. It was a long, trying day filled with the emotional rollercoaster. I just wanted to be home. THEN when I got home, it was nothing but nonsense from the boys. Mike had no idea when he’d be home. I didn’t have dinner started or in the crockpot. I threw dinner together in the pot, fed the boys, and went and talked to Lynn for a good few hours just to unwind.

I just had to write about my day. I hope today and tomorrow are much better.

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