This is a compiled list of all the things I could do when I am bored. It will be mostly a personal list of things *I* could do when bored, not necessarily what you could do when you are bored. You may find some inspiration here for things to do when you are bored too! I may come back and cross off the items when I’ve completed them if they’re a “complete and finish” task. Otherwise, items on this list will just be stuff that I can do when I am bored and have nothing better to do with my time. It will range from cleaning, organizing, and other favorite hobbies.

  1. pick an item from my master to-do list and CLEAN or ORGANIZE
  2. finally go through those blasted tables in the living room
  3. go through Mikhail’s shirts and PURGE, PURGE, PURGE!
  4. color a page in the Hannah Lynn books and do a rainbow theme
  5. go downstairs and bike
  6. shine your sink
  7. find a box, go through it, purge what’s in it, and put away the remaining items to a forever home
  8. turn on your favorite station on Spotify and belt out some tunes
  9. take a long hot shower, double condition your hair, and give yourself some self-love
  10. do a load of laundry
  11. clean out the fridge
  12. make a Hannah Lynn picture in black and white or sepia
  13. find some cool color combinations from your Prismacolor pencils
  14. perfect your daily planner pages on the computer
  15. print off, cut, punch, and date planner pages for the following months
  16. vacuum EVERYWHERE
  17. journal in your planner
  18. make a new page on Eternal Amour and write
  19. blog on Eternal Amour
  20. clean off the hodgepodge counter in the kitchen that always seems to have shit on it
  21. work on a goals list
  22. come up with a new routine that works for you
  23. do a 15-minute kettlebell exercise
  24. write out a grocery list and meal plan for the week
  25. work on one of your millions of lists on Evernote
  26. go through the freezer and see what meals you have and then create a dinner list and what you need to buy to complete the meal
  27. dust off your Master To-Do List, you know, the one that has a list of everything you have to do to completely clean a room and even has the minutes in which it will take for you to complete it – well look at that list and go CLEAN A ROOM
  28. create a master plan for your week – stick to it!
  29. take a 20-minute nap

That’s all I can come up with for now. I’m kinda drawing a blank between coloring, cleaning, and planning. I’ll come back and update this regularly. What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re bored? I’d love to add some new items/ideas on my list!

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