So, I’ve accomplished my first week of work. We have four weeks total of training. My first week was pretty successful. I won’t go into a lot of boring detail about what happened but I thought I should still come by and write (for you and of course, my own records). I’ll do my best to recap the week as best as I can. My memory isn’t the greatest so here goes nothing.


Monday was basically our orientation day. The first thing we did was get paperwork from HR which included our tax forms, direct deposit forms, and emergency contact forms. Since we only had 12 people in our class, the time spent on the forms was minimal. We went right into policies – dress code, attendance, etc. That took about two hours to get through the basics. We did a tour of the call center and building. Then it was break time! I wonder if I’ll get a break and a lunch because I work 7 hours when I work my normal schedule, I don’t know. We worked on other random policy stuff. What the company is, what we do, what the point of us is, etc. We watched two videos and before we knew it lunch time was there. We started getting into the process. Suddenly, it was time to go. Easy peasy day.


My memory is really not doing well for this so I’m doing my best. Tuesday was spent mainly going over the system we use to take calls. We learned about how to tab through all the fields. Then we learned what each field was that we needed. We got the call script a little bit this day too. Having a break during the morning then lunch later in the day (1.5 hours before we leave) makes for a MUCH faster day. I really hope I get a break and lunch when I work my normal schedule.


So, on Wednesday we started getting into the call script a little more. We started reading through the call script each line went to each person. While we read through the call script we entered fake tickets into the training system. We also took a test for the system. I scored 30/30 in less than 7 minutes for a 30 minute allotted test. I was quite proud of this. **Note, what we did on Wednesday/Thursday is kinda a blur so it may have been done on a different day than I believed. I’m trying here!** We started getting into marking instructions on this day. We also had a few videos that we watched for Harassment and Sexual Harassment from HR.


More marking instructions and mainly focusing on marking instructions today. We did a few round robins with the script of the call in ‘down time’ but otherwise, we mainly focused on making sure we were all structured with what we needed to write to the locators in the marking instructions.


We mainly focused on marking instructions in the morning. After a break, we spent about 45 minutes taking a ‘really important quiz’. We started to get into the mapping portion of the call, which is what I need to pay the most attention to. I think I did pretty well on the quiz. The trainer said everyone did pretty well and not to worry about how you did over the weekend.

So, that was my first week. I breezed through the marking instructions with no problem. I felt really confident doing them. Mainly because they are the exact same as they were back in 2007 and 2011. The mapping is what I’m going to have to pay attention the most to. That’s where all the changes happened. I feel pretty confident in paying attention, taking notes, and ACING the mapping too! I know the job, it’s just the details that I’m going to have to worry about.

It says a lot for me to say that I’m confident. I don’t typically feel confident in anything I do. I know as long as I apply myself I will have no problem doing this job. I also put myself to this ridiculous standard so as long as I live up to my own standard, I should be alright.

I’m really tired and I want to write more but the boys are being buttheads so I’m going to end this here. I’ll come back and write some more as soon as I can. This job, waking up at 5 am, and coming home to do a hundred chores has me pretty exhausted.

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