I really slacked at writing this past month. I wrote three times in the month of March. Either I didn’t feel the need to write or I got lazy, either way, it didn’t happen. So, here I sit, writing a blog post while I listen to my Discovery Weekly Spotify playlist. Mikhail is home sick today. I go to the dermatologist. I have only 30+ things to do other than writing a blog post but I said I would stick with the recaps and I’m going to try to do that.

Lots of family time 

We spent a lot of family time together. We had the family dance at Mikhail’s elementary school, we went on a bunch of bike rides, and Mike graced us with his presence for almost the entire month. We did a lot together as a family – more than normal – just cannot remember everything right off the top of my head.

Mike got a new job

After a month of anxiety and biting our nails, Mike was finally able to snag a new job. He started his first day on the 31st of March. The whole month was a build up to his first day. Between all the interviewing and discussing he had to do to get to that point, we were busy with worry and uncertainty. Mike knew one thing and one thing only, he was DONE working where he was at. Everyone there knew it, and everyone here knew it. He was getting out one way or another. We finally got the news on the 15th that he got the position and it was nothing but smiles and excitement afterward. He had to make it through his final two weeks at his old place of employment before jumping for joy but he saw the light at the end of the tunnel and was much happier. He seems to be doing better. Time will tell how well he becomes once he heals from all the pressure and stress that was put on him. I only wish happiness and peace for him. I hope things will turn around now.

Not everything was great and dandy

I went on a bike ride with the boys and came home. I took off my helmet and realized I had a very soft patch of skin on the back of my head. Upon asking Mike if I had a bald spot, I freaked out when I found out I did, and then bawled for about two hours. That’s why I’m going to the dermatologist today. I am going to find out for once and for all why I lost a 3″ patch of hair. Everyone says it’s stress which is a huge possibility. I did a career change, Mike is going through a career change. We are doing all these things at once and it’s a stressful time.

I tasted the nectar of VTO*

After the whole hair thing, I was allowed to VTO because I wasn’t being audited anymore. I VTO that Monday and went home and just moped around. I went to the doctor on Tuesday to be basically told “Yea, I could be that or that…” with no definite answers. I ended up VTO’ing again a few more times after that. I scheduled off full days of work while the boys were on Spring Break. Needless to say, my paychecks have been absolutely TINY and it has not been cool. I have FAR too many bills to be responsible for to miss that much work. Thankfully, work has picked up and as soon as the first day of Spring has sprung things have been much busier. I will be much more strict during April since VTO will not be an option.

*VTO means ‘volunteered time off’

Anxiety got BAD

I had to make an emergency appointment with the psychiatrist because my anxiety got really bad. We ended up changing my medication regiment from being 1mg before bed to 1mg in the morning, 1mg in the afternoon, and 1mg in the evening if needed. It seemed to have helped a lot. My mind is a lot freer.

Gizmo was fixed

We got Gizmo fixed this month and he did great. He never even needed the cone of shame! He took his meds the best he could with only some argument. He’s healing up nicely and hasn’t changed one bit. He was super lovable.

I honestly can’t remember much else what happened from the month. My planner is no help either. Mikhail is complaining he’s hungry even though the reason he stayed home was because he felt as though he was going to be sick. I gotta go.

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3 Responses to “Monthly Recap | March 2017”

  1. I’m so happy about the new job for Mike, and I hope you get things sorted out at the dermatologist.<3

  2. Brandy says:

    That’s exciting. I’m so glad he was able to score a new job. I’m in that boat myself right now. Well, looking for something new, anyway. I’ve been unemployed before and it’s rough.

    It’s great that Gizmo had a successful surgery!

  3. Michelle says:

    I take a lot of meds for anxiety and I know how you feel. It could be stress that hurt your hair and made it fall out. I hope you feel better and congrats on Mike’s job!~

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