I want to start something new. I want to do a monthly recap on the 1st (or close to it) of every month of the previous month. This recap will capture what had happened in the month of January 2017.

January was a trying month. So much had happened. I had my interview with DHL on the 3rd. I didn’t find out immediately if I got the position or not and was forced to wait almost an entire week before I received word. Longest week of my life – ever! I went to work that Thursday with a heavy heart knowing I wasn’t putting in my two weeks like I had originally anticipated. I didn’t have an attitude or any negative moods towards work, which surprised me.

During that week, I tried to do chores and such. We registered Mikhail for basketball and got him all signed up and ready to start on the 14th. That afternoon, we celebrated Christmas with my Mom, sister, and her family, and step sister and her family. My mom arrived around noon, everyone showed up around 3 pm, and after eating and presents everyone left by 6 pm. It was a good time. It kept my mind busy.

That following Monday, on the 09th, I received a call from Erika at DHL saying that she was officially offering me the position to work! I was super excited but also very anxious because I wasn’t sure if we could make the AM class work between Mike and I. Lots had to be discussed but I needed an answer. I went with my gut instinct and went with the AM class and got officially granted the position. That didn’t end my anxiety, though.

I had to put in my two weeks notice at OMX. Which I did, the very next day. My manager found out that one of the other managers was leaving too. He got both our notices within a 36 hour period of time.

Although it was hard, I finished working at OMX and my last official day was on the 19th.

I received all my paperwork from DHL and my first official start date of training was to begin on the 30th depending on my drug test. As soon as I received the paperwork, the very next day I went and took my drug test. A week later, I got a phone call from HR telling me that I needed to go take my drug test. Very frustrated and confused, I explained that I already had. I asked if I could go immediately to do it again and went that very afternoon to re-take it. I called HR back to inform them that the test was complete and that I had received a copy of my test this time so there shouldn’t be any worry, “Please, call me back and let me know.” After what felt like forever, the HR lady called me back almost a week later, on Friday, the Friday before I was supposed to begin, to inform me that everything was good to go and that I was set to begin work at 7 am on Monday.

The rollercoaster of emotion that I felt this month was almost unbearable, but I overcame and conquered! On Monday, I started my new position at DHL as a contact center representative. So far so good. January was a trying month and I’m happy to have it be over and on to a new month with new opportunities to shine.

What was your favorite accomplishment for January?
If you could redo one thing in January, what would it be?

Happy February, everyone!

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2 Responses to “Monthly Recap | January 2017”

  1. Kisty Mea says:

    Congratulations on getting the job at DHL! :D

    January was also a bit of a trying month. I got a job last December and it was perfect – great pay, flexible schedule, get to do some art – but I was having a hard time completing the task.The task is to draw a seemingly easy penguin. Haha! This lasted for a month (December), so come January, we’ve decided to go project-based instead of full-time employment. Kinda suck but at the same time, I’m happy because I ended up finding another job. I just hope that this time, things will go well.

  2. Jamie says:

    I really think that a lot of us have gone through a trying month in the month of January. I just can’t believe that DHL had made you take a 2nd drug test. It makes me wonder if they goofed up or something? I remember having to do another blood sample for my doctors because for some reason those who were conducting it had allowed air to get into the test tubes and that screwed with the blood they had drawn from me. I don’t think I went back there though. I probably should have, but it was just the principal of the thing. Ya know?

    I am just glad that you were able to get the position. I bet it was nerve wracking as all hell to try and get it and wait for that call? Again, I am just glad you were able to get that position. It’s funny how you and the other co-worker had both put in your final notices. Haha.

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