This is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. I wanted to so badly keep up this new segment on EA on the first of every month. But alas, I am sick and don’t feel much like writing my blog so I will just get through this quickly.

  • went through three weeks of training in the classroom, partially on the floor and was very successful through most of it
  • got on the floor and was shot down immediately from my confidence from a core person who wasn’t having any of it
  • after being brought back to the reality that there was still new things to learn and practice I pushed forward and tried my best
  • I fumbled on my call while the trainer sat with me for my very first ‘all clear’ call but I completely it successfully and got cleared from someone sitting with me
  • I had a few blunders along the way with two unsafe tickets due to completely messing up two tickets that I just so happened to get
  • got put on my regular shift only to realize that working until 4 pm wasn’t going to work out. I needed to get out at 3:30 but this is something that wouldn’t be done until the 12th of June IF it’s approved. I did not score ANY points with the scheduler with this blunder
  • the reason why we needed to change my shift to end a half hour earlier was because we found out that day camp for Mikhail wasn’t completely unreasonable as long as it’s ONLY for Mikhail – about $12 a day for a full day of care. I decided I’m going to do it and started putting money aside so we can get him into day camp and he can have something productive to do this summer instead of lay around doing nothing all day long like Nick. Day camp would be an AWESOME opportunity to get him out of the house, making friends, and making something worthwhile out of his summer.
  • After a major fuck up on my taxes, I received my first full check from training which included 60 hours of work. More than I have worked in over 10 years. The taxes were messed up and a whopping $170 was taken out of my check. That’s like almost half a month income for me prior to working. That’s a big deal! I talked to HR and got it all situated. It won’t be until April when I see a full change.
  • We went to an Admirals game together as a family. That was fun. We won, too!
  • Mikhail, Mike, and I went to movie night at school. We watched Trolls. As usual, the parents were uncomfortable, while the kids were enjoying every minute of it. They had a good time regardless.
  • I completed training and am officially on the floor by myself minus the fact that I still need my emergencies watched over and listened to for now. I’m hoping to have that cleared by tomorrow.
  • Basically, my life consisted of work, work, and more work this month. We made it, though! I completed training, Mike went back to his normal schedule, and we all survived.

That’s all. I survived training and am on the floor. Work was work. I called in today, which made me feel terrible, but under the circumstances, I couldn’t stay on the phone if I would be rushing to the bathroom every 10 minutes. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I feel a little better now that I’ve taken a shower and washed the yuck off me. I’ll write again soon. I’m happy I came to recap my month even though EVERYTHING consisted of work stuff. It was a big month at work. Hopefully things die down and I talk about life and other stuff.

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  1. Sheri says:

    Wow, that was a big accomplishment for you to get through that month. I’m so proud of you, even though you see all the negatives I see it as a great step forward.

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