I have a few moments peace right now. The boys are in summer school. I am doing laundry and cleaned up the kitchen this morning.

Yesterday was interesting. Mikhail woke up with the moans and groans, and of course, the growls. He didn’t want to go to summer school. Lovely. He was super excited about it all last week! What the hell!? After about an hour of growls and groans, he finally came around to wanting to go and we left. He had a blast so that’s good.

While at school to drop the boys off, it was brought to my attention that Nick’s ‘bully’, or who I call the one ‘really bad egg kid’, was there and we realized he would be in BOTH of Nick’s classes! Whomp. Whomp. Nick was hanging out with this kid and all I could think of is that this kid is bad news and Nick does NOT need to hang out with him. Worse yet, Nick even went as far as calling him his friend after school! No! NO NO NO! He is NOT your friend.

I got into it with him this morning regarding this. He is not your friend. He is a bad egg. You are there to learn! You are there, and he is there because you both slacked off and didn’t do what you needed to do throughout the year and now you have to redo it. “I didn’t slack off! It was because my medication!” No, Nick, you can’t use that as an excuse because the entire second semester you had your precious medication and you still only passed with a D+! “Well, that’s good!” HA HA HA! Oh, child, how little you know. A D+ is NOT a good grade. A D+ is a grade you get when you almost fail. I would consider a C to be a good grade. Sure a few more points he would have had a C- and maybe that’s how I should think of things but I cannot look past that had he did just a little more poorly on the quiz he would have failed.

So I told him, “Go to school. Work hard. Pay attention. Do what you need to do. Don’t worry about (insert bad egg’s name here) and don’t get in the wrong group. You are there to focus on your work! NOT TO PLAY AROUND!” Yesterday he mentioned to me that he was laughing so hard at (insert kids name here) that he almost got in trouble. So today, I brought that up too. “Nick, you told me yesterday you were laughing so hard you almost got in trouble. Don’t worry about him! Worry about yourself! You are both there because you did badly this year and you shouldn’t be focusing on playing around, but instead focusing on doing your work and bettering yourself to get yourselves ready for next year.” He proceeded to tell me that everything he said about laughing so hard was a blatant lie. “I lied about that. I didn’t actually laugh at anything. Everything I said was a lie!” *sigh* This kid. I hope he takes this summer school seriously!

Mikhail had a lot of fun. He made rock candy in Ooey Gooey Science class. He played some games in Bonkers for Balls. He enjoyed himself which is fine. He was allowed to have fun classes because he did so well this past year.

Hmm, it’s been a while since I’ve written about the kids. I’ve been writing about myself quite a bit lately but not about the kids. Feels good to get that all off my chest.

Few other things to get off my chest…

I posted on Facebook that I didn’t like meeting new parents and the boys’ friends’ moms. I said that I felt self-conscious about it because I am so young and look even younger. I feel like they’re judging me because of my age.

A friend of mine shortly afterward posted a status about ‘reading a status that makes her want to tear them to shreds but she won’t’.

I am a very vain person and I felt like there was a possibility that my status was the reason for her post. I almost went and deleted my post but I stopped myself. I always delete posts that I feel are being judged. I am trying SO incredibly hard to not let judgment ruin my life. I have to get over the fact that my friends and family are going to judge me. I have to get over that EVERYONE is judgemental. Hell, I am one of the most judgmental people in the world. I think that’s why I fear the judgment of others so much because I know how I, myself, thinks all the time. I have to stop being so judgmental and stop thinking everyone else is as judgmental as I am. It’s that simple! STOP!

The reason for my status was because this “bad egg kid” and Nick’s (now ex) best friend told Nick, “Well, your mom is young. She must have been raped.” Nick got shitty with them and ended up fighting for my honor (for lack of better words). It was a week-long ordeal in the counselor’s office. So, seeing this kid kinda sparked some thoughts in my head that I felt a little self-conscious about my age and the age I had Nick.

This is when I will tell myself if said ‘friend’ said that post about me, LET HER! She doesn’t like that you were feeling a little self-conscious about the age you had Nick, that’s on her! Not on you! You don’t control other people’s thoughts. If these people want to think poorly of my statuses, there is ONE simple solution. They can delete you at any time. They don’t need to keep you as a friend. If something you write bothers them, then they can take the incentive and click the little ‘delete’ button under your name. If they are so damn nosey that they need to keep you as a friend even though something you said upset them, then that is about THEM, not YOU!

Ok. Now to just believe those words.

I have laundry that needs to be switched and folded though so I’m going to have to let this end here. I’ll write again very soon.

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