You know when you are just DYING to have something? Whether it a movie, video game, something for your house, etc. We all have our Wish Lists, so I decided to share mine. I am going to try to update this whenever possible, but I have a tendency to forget sometimes. They have been categorized for easy viewing pleasure. Also, I have a wishlist on Amazon. Sometimes I add stuff on Amazon but don’t necessarily add it here and I’m always updating this: Amazon Wish List. Some of these items are pretty ambitious but this is a Wish List and I can get as crazy as I want.

Dream Big

Stuff for Myself

  1. Nintendo 3DS
  2. Super Mario World for 3DS
  3. Ohuhu alcohol-based markers – 80 pack
  4. lap desk
  5. Prisma color pencils ??
  6. new contact prescription and six month supply
  7. my hair dyed (professionally or at home)
  8. screwback white gold or sterling silver CZ earrings
  9. laminating machine
  10. three-hole punch for planner
  11. newest Hannah Lynn book – I dream in color 
  12. trainer for the bikes in the basement

Household Items

  1. ice cream scoop
  2. new containers for lunches
  3. silicone whisk
  4. a four-slice toaster
  5. digital food scale
  6. medium size lock and lock containers for chocolate chips, cocoa, and nuts
  7. 12″ frying pan w/ lid
  8.  jumbo/family size griddle
  9. new slow cooker to replace the one I broke

Stuff for the Boys – Christmas & Birthdays Included

  1. school shoes
  2. pants for Mikhail – figure out sizes
  3. pants for Nick 
  4. new tablets
  5. Nintendo Mini
  6. Amazon gift cards (OR Google Play gift cards)
  7. computer
  8. keyboard and mouse
  9. monitor
  10. Steam + Games