Favorite Memories

I’d like to document favorite memories here. Occasionally, ahem, when I remember, I want to come here and write down some of my favorite memories that I’ve lived through. I am hoping to come up with a great list of fond memories to look back at each and every year. I’ll start off by writing one today.

September 15th, 2017: I worked an entire work week (totaling approximately 28 hours) that was incredibly busy. I did the entire week without being anxious or worried. I did throw up once, but I think that was more due to the fact that I drank my coffee too fast than being anxious. I received two QA’s – one was 100/100 perfect/perfect and the other was a “poor” because I gave the wrong start date and time after explaining and helping the caller. Tiffany, the trainer, said she would email the team leaders and inform them of what her two cents are regarding how well I am doing and how much of a “pleasure I am to listen to on the phones”. All in all, I had a very successful week at work and I feel really good things are being spoken about me there. I hope the good things continue as my journey at DHL has not ended and hopefully will not end anytime soon. Also, I have accepted my fate. If I am hired on, great. If not, I will simply come back next season with a good attitude and the yearning to work hard and try again to be hired on. Erika said I had nothing to prove to anyone. I have already done that and more. So that’s what I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for having a job that recognizes me for doing a fantastic job when I bust my ass to get there.