100 Goals in 1000 Days

I got this idea from Cassie, who got it from DayZeroProject. The plan is simple. Make and complete 100 goals for 1000 days. I will be working on this list over the next few days/weeks. I might not necessarily have 100 by the time I begin the actual countdown to 1000 days but at least I’ll have a start.

To be completed by:  Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Revised on September 19th, 2014 to make goals smaller and more obtainable 

Black – not started
Grey – started and working on
Grey Underline – working on this week
Strike-Through – completed and mastered

 Health (15)

  • Lose 100lbs (4/100) Lose 1lb per week 
  • Eat something for breakfast every day even small
  • Eat smaller dinner each day
  • Don’t have seconds for dinner
  • Measure foods at least once to see what you’re putting in
  • Try to stop taking bites of everything
  • Fit in to a size 18 pants
  • Fit in to a size XL shirt comfortably
  • Drink 1 or fewer sodas/sugary drinks a day
  • Begin exercise at least 1-2 times weekly
    … then move up to more per week
  • Continue to see doctor(s) regularly to ensure health is in check in other aspects
  • Follow up with the Gynecologist for skin disease
  • Continue to put on medication for skin disease and take care of self for that
  • Go to dentist regularly
  • Take better care of my remaining teeth
  • get #1 crown reinvented ($725)
    … then get #2 and #3
  • Continue to log ALL calories/food in diary on Myfitnesspal.com

Self (11)

  • Take better care of myself
  • Learn to love myself more
  • Learn to yell a LOT less
  • … stop self when getting very angry and cool down
  • Have more patience
  • Have more kindness
  • … think before you speak
  • Be less judgmental
  • … think before you speak
  • Don’t hold grudges
  • Care more

Mental Health (6)

  • Continue to go see psychiatrist on a regular (3 month) basis
  • Continue to take my medication as prescribed daily
  • Have a more positive outlook
  • … write what you’re grateful for
  • Don’t use having ‘bipolar disorder’ as an excuse
  • Continue to be ‘stable’

Social (7)

  • Work on having relationships with friends again
  • Be more social!
  • Go hang out with friends, offer to meet someone somewhere, invite someone over for coffee (see above)
  • Try to be more trusting in friends
  • Get over friendships that don’t seem to work out
  • Give people a chance when you meet them and pursue friendship
  • Don’t beat yourself up so much over what you say when you converse with people

Educational (5)

  • Work on GED book and study
  • Go schedule pre-test and pass it without having to take classes!
  • Take each individual test and PASS THEM!
  • Decide on what steps you want to take to go forward with your education…
  • … which means deciding on what degree or certification you want to get

Financial (7)

  • Save up to $500 a year and put it aside for emergencies Save a minimum of 20 per month and up to $50 per month and DO NOT TOUCH
  • Save for the next ‘big spending item’ before you get to them (school supplies & clothes & fees & pictures, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, vacations)
  • (Although difficult) Try to budget money and/or see exactly where money goes each month.
  • Enter Sweepstakes as much as you can remember to win what we normally cannot get
  • COUPON! COUPON! COUPON!!! Get back in the game of couponing! GO SHOPPING. USE THOSE COUPONS!
  • Spend an hour (total) every week gathering coupons and clipping them
  • Do Twitter Parties as much as you can so you can win

Parenting (19)

  • Be more understanding
  • Listen more
  • Try to yell less
  • Stay on schedule!
  • Involve yourself in their school work and MAKE SURE they do their homework!
  • … enforce reading time every day for 20-30 minutes
  • … check folder and assignment notebook before allowing playtime
  • Go play outside more
  • In general, play together more
  • Spend more time together
  • Spend more time individually
  • Continue nightly chats before bedtime every day
  • Teach Mikhail that there are consequences
  • Stick to groundings for both boys
  • Help Nick understand that he is normal, and bright, and how to have better self esteem
  • Encourage Nick to continue his dream for his movie and write it down
  • Try to make sure the boys are eating better balanced meals – TRY NEW THINGS!
  • Remember to do the chore chart. Get the boys excited to do chores and earn money. Give them their earnings!

Home (8)

  • Keep the house cleaned!
  • Pick one room to detail clean each week
  • Do chores as written on schedule
  • Ask for Mike’s help more
  • Keep a non-stop-going list for all the random organizing you have to do (40 Bags List)
  • Take better care of everything I own
  • Organize stuff in bedroom and find a better home for all random stuff – GET RID OF JUNK
  • Have less drama within the apartment complex

Love (7)

  • Have date night with Mike at least once every two-three months!
  • Spend time together at least once a week.
  • Leave him alone more. Don’t talk his ear off constantly
  • Give him his space too
  • Show him you love him. Tell him how much you care and don’t let him forget how much he’s appreciated
  • Don’t get so upset when you aren’t ‘spending time together’. He’s there with you. That’s all that matters
  • Be more forgiving of him when he does things that aren’t to your liking

Crafty (6)

  • organize, sort, and get rid of unwanted photos
  • crop all the photos
  • go through scrapbooking stuff
  • pull out some items to be able to scrapbook here and there
  • pull out items for being able to scrapbook over at Dad’s house
  • learn how to use the cricut better

91/100 in 1000