100 Goals in 1000 Days (Take Two)

I originally got this idea from a friend, and between 2013 and 2015 I worked on my original list. The goal was to complete the list on June 15th, 2017. I completely forgot about this list because I put it to private and didn’t link it on my blog anywhere. (See my original list here: http://eternalamour.com/me/100-in-1000-days/) I found the list around September 2017, months after I was supposed to complete the 100 goals. I went through the list and crossed off the items that I completed on my own, without the motivation of the list itself. In the end, I completed 81 items off the 100 item list completely on my own. I felt incredibly accomplished and proud of myself. But, once you complete something you have two choices, you can either feel accomplished and successful and move on, or you can start over, and work hard at completing another list.

So, what did I decide? I’m making out a new list! A new list to complete for the next 1000 days. I’m not going to start this list until I have come up with 100 goals in mind. That may take me a week or two. **Some of these goals may be the same as the previous list. They’re goals that I either want to continue to do, work harder on completing better, or improving on.**

Currently working on
Close to completing

Goal of Completion: June 12th, 2020


Self-Care/Self-Love (12)

  1. be kinder to yourself
  2. accept who you are and only then you can improve
  3. listen to your heart
  4. stop taking unsolicited advice from others and clouding your own dreams and aspirations
  5. if you need to get something off your chest, BLOG, stop talking to everyone about what’s happening – they don’t care
  6. learn to be kinder to others
  7. always have a smile on your voice and be as happy as you can – kill them with kindness
  8. have compassion and love for others
  9. open up your heart to having new friends and relationships
  10. take better care of yourself
  11. find time to take care of your mind, heart, and soul
  12. take some time each day and use that time to do something just for YOU, whether it’s coloring, exercising, or just browsing Facebook

Do Not Do (10)

  1. try to spend less time on social media
  2. spend less time on the computer and more time doing stuff around the house
  3. spend less time yelling and more time listening to the problem at hand
  4. less time pigging out and eating mindlessly
  5. less time worrying about the future unless you are doing something actively to plan ahead for it
  6. spend less time arguing with the boys and just try to come up with a solution faster than arguing about the problem
  7. do not get discouraged when you don’t lose weight – keep trying. Remember muscle weighs more than fat, it also burns more fat faster. You’re going to exercise and build muscle and that will mess with the scale – DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE!
  8. do not get into screaming matches with the boys. They’re human beings and deserve to be spoken to like one. Remember, KINDNESS. Respect is only given when earned, and you each have to earn each other’s respect
  9. do not forget that Nick is a teenager and is dealing with all the teenage angst that you dealt with as a teenager too. Be patient with him as he is learning and doing the best he can. See number 8.
  10. do not forget to forgive yourself for your mistakes and that you can learn from your mistakes

Health (17)

  1. lose some weight – start with 1lb per week, just work towards taking it one step at a time
  2. take care of your teeth: pulled, new dentures, implants? figure it out
  3. build the habit of biking every single day
  4. count your calories and be as accurate as possible
  5. go to all doctors office visits as scheduled – no cancellations or reschedules unless emergencies
  6. take all medication as prescribed – no lowering or raising without doctor’s permission
  7. stop drinking more than 1-2 cups of coffee per day
  8. lower sugar/carb intake significantly
  9. weigh less than 200lbs before the end of the 1000 days is up or…
  10. just be healthier
  11. try to obtain at least 5000 steps every single day, if you are nowhere near 5000 steps per day, bike or exercise to include exercise
  12. eat something for breakfast every single day
  13. fit into jeans that are a size 18 or smaller and have them be comfortable
  14. comfortably fit into a size L or XL shirt
  15. begin weight training exercises with FitnessBlender or kettlebells to include muscle strength building
  16. get up to 3-4 days on the bike every single week for as long as you can handle it
  17. log your stats on Gear Fit, Samsung Health, myfitnesspal, and other various devices

Mental Health (5)

  1. take all prescribed medicine as prescribed – no lowering or raising meds on my own
  2. work on finding ways to cope with anger
  3. work with the therapist to find ways to cope with anxiety
  4. try to channel morning anxiety to not manifest into throwing up (meaning stop throwing up in the morning)
  5. do everything your psychiatrist says

The Kids (13)

  1. be more patient
  2. be more kind
  3. be more understanding
  4. do all homework the day that it’s due
  5. check backpacks and homework folder every single day
  6. pack lunches as healthy as you can
  7. find time to talk to the kids when they’re willing to talk – have night time chats again?
  8. find ways to do things with each (and both) of the kids to spend time together
  9. figure out a way to reward them with all their chores they do
  11. listen more before reacting
  12. do less for you, and more for them
  13. give them everything they need, NOT WANT

Hobbies (4)

  1. continue to color as much as possible and grow your talent
  2. plan in your planner every single day
  3. perfect your planner pages and use them each day to journal your day
  4. continue going to Coloring Club at the library and be more social

House and Home (18)

  1. make out a master to-do list for the house
  2. do 1 thing off that to-do list per day off — if you get the winter off, spend the entire three months cleaning the ENTIRE house
  3. clean out the entire back of the basement
  4. organize and get the front of the basement inhabitable again
  5. get the bike set up in the basement…
  6. along with an area for kettlebells to have room to exercise down there
  7. redo and fix the pantry shelves to all be stabilized
  8. go through ALL tables in the living room and organize them all!!!
  9. go through and finally organize the junk/medicine cabinet in the kitchen
  10. clean off the top of the fridge
  11. get a tote for the Christmas tree
  12. get all boxes of clothes OUT OF THIS HOUSE
  13. go through all of Mikhail’s clothes in his dresser and get rid of them right away
  14. get rid of ALL old scrapbook stuff that you no longer want/need – EVERYTHING
  15. go through all boxes in our bedroom
  16. clean as much as you can on schedule
  17. if you have off this winter – DO THE ENTIRE HOUSE
  18. plan your game plan and just do it

Financial (10)

  1. save money in March-May for camp
  2. if hired on… use savings to pay off bills and credit cards
  3. if hired on… use savings to pay off Disney card and whatever we used at WDW
  4. … it not hired on … use savings to pay off bills each month as scheduled
  5. … it not hired on … pay bills as scheduled in the Bill Payment Schedule
  6. continue to budget and plan your budget as much as possible in spreadsheets on the computer
  7. write all income in Income 2018 Spreadsheet
  8. write all expenses in Expense Worksheet 2018 Spreadsheet
  9. write all budget information for grocery shopping in the Grocery Shopping Budget 2018
  10. … it not hired on … start saving from June – October for your time off during November – February again next year

Miscellaneous Goals (6)

  1. be kinder to everyone
  2. learn to be less judgmental and learn to feel less judged
  3. allow therapy to be as successful as you can allow it to be – they cannot help you unless you want the help
  4. try to build friendships and be more social – GET YOUR OWN FRIENDS
  5. try to build a better relationship with the boys. Less screaming and yelling and more kindness and patience
  6. be forgiving in all aspects of your life

95 out of 100.