Just another manic Monday… only it’s not Monday. Yesterday was Monday, and I had mania – badly!

How does one know when they have mania? Well here are the main reasons that give me reason to believe I’m going through a manic phase:

  • restless – I sleep very little when manic. I think that’s what kick started this. I slept less than 5 hours on Sunday morning. No good.
  • productivity – I am VERY productive when I’m manic. If something needs to get done, I get it done.
  • irritability – I am incredibly irritable. I am very angry and very bitchy and people just need to steer clear of me.
  • big audacious goals – I make big goals and big projects when I’m manic. I want to do everything and accomplish all the things.
  • big spender – I want to spend all the money. I’ve heard of people spending thousands of dollars on items or categories of items when manic. I usually am really good with holding back. For instance, I went shopping at two different stores today and managed to spend a total of about $23. I didn’t bounce anything and didn’t overdraft my account so we’re good… Doesn’t stop me from wanting to go crazy and spend all the monies though.
  • did I mention irritable? Seriously, I’m a SUPER BITCH.
  • anxious – I have HIGH anxiety right now. Everything is freaking me the hell out.

There’s more to it than that but I’m really having a hard time focusing. Ah-Ha! That’s another one. I cannot focus on ONE thing at all.


I just wanted to touch base and say I’m manic lately. Still alive and kicking but just trying to stabilize. I’ll be sure to check in again soon with hopefully better news than this.

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