Well, I did it. I went to my interview. The outcome? I have no idea. I think it went well but I won’t know for sure until they decide they’re going to call me back and let me know. You know it’s a good sign when BOTH team leaders come up to you like, “Oh, HEY NIK! I just had to come say hi to you. Of course, we remember you!”

First was the interview. It was with my old team leader. My first in command boss when I was working there for 2nd shift. He had a standard, premediated interview questions he went over. He jotted some notes. He didn’t write my full answer because a lot of times I was still talking and he was done writing. There was roughly 20-25 questions total. He asked if I had any questions and I asked if the hours I provided would be good? He said they should be. I asked, “When will I find out how well this went?” He said he was going to hopefully get me into the Jan. 30th training class but technically he had until March 20th to let people know. Ugh! Not the answer I was expecting. I was expecting “YOU’RE HIRED!” or “Sorry, we cannot further complete this interview. You’re not what we’re looking for.” Nope, I get to wait. And fret! I hope I don’t wait (or fret) for too long. Mike is pulling strings at work so I can do the 1st shift training class and if I don’t have an answer for him soon he’s not going to be able to pull those strings!

:: proceeds to freak the hell out over the next however long it takes for them to call me back ::

Overall, I think the questions part of the interview went well. I answered as precisely as I could in my most educated and experienced voice of reason. Next up was the computer aspect of the interview.

I had to do a typing test. I scored 65 wpm. He seemed pleased with that. Then I had to do some 20-30 questions. The first set of questions were HARD and I worked there before! “If Tina is traveling south on Appleton Ave and she comes to a T-intersection but cannot turn left on Hampton Ave and continues south on Appleton what direction is Hampton Ave?” I answered to the best of my ability. I’m a little rusty so I guarantee I answered some wrong. I know for a fact I answered one wrong because I thought the system glitched and gave me the same question twice in a row so I answered the answer the same twice in a row within seconds of each other. Maybe they’ll catch that, maybe they won’t. Then the next questions were basic mapping questions. “If you are located 300 feet west of National Ave on the north side of the road and your house is facing the road what direction is the front of your house located?” Plus some basic knowledge questions like, “if you want to minimize a window on the computer, which button do you choose?” One of the answers was legitimate, “You cannot do that.” LOL

After I took the test with 11 minutes to spare,  I was taken downstairs to the call center where I sat with Stewart and listened to some of his calls. He showed me all the new system updates and changes that have been made since I was there. So that was cool. After about 20 minutes we finally got a phone call. I remember it being that slow. After training in Jan and Feb, there are even more CCRs and even fewer calls to be spread out among the people. Makes for a slow day. One that I’m looking forward to.

While I was sitting down with Stewart, Erika, the other team lead, came up and goes “HI NIK! I just had to come over and say hello!!!” That made me feel good. Gave me some hope that there is a chance that this will all work itself out.

Just need that phone call. I just need to know for sure what is happening. I hope that call comes MUCH sooner than later. Mike needs to know what’s going on for work. I need to put in my two weeks notice at OM. Please let them call me soon! Like today, today would be good. I wouldn’t complain if they called me today and said, “You’re hired. You start on Jan. 30th in the AM class.” See that’s what makes me nervous. They didn’t even ask me which training class I’d like to be a part of. I did all that figuring out for nothing. Maybe not for nothing. Maybe they’ll call me today or tomorrow and let me know. Mike doesn’t want to be stuck at work for the next few months while I figure out my career path.

Anyway, everyone please pray or cross your fingers and toes that they call me back WAY sooner than anyone expects. Waiting is going to be the death of me. Going to work every single day expecting a phone call for something bigger and better is going to be the death of me. It will all work itself out. I promise. It will work. Have faith. *whispers over and over* It will all figure itself out.


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  1. Kya says:

    I hope that you find out really soon! It would be so difficult not knowing and having to wait before you can make further plans. It does sound like everything went well, so that is a good sign! :D

  2. Cassidy says:

    I’m sorry that you have to wait so long to hear if you got the job. I would be going crazy if I were in your position. But it sounds like things went really well and I really hope things work out!

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