It’s official. I got the phone call last night. It was from Erika, the other team lead. She said that she wanted to offer me the position. She said whatever hours I wanted they were willing to do whatever. She asked if I wanted to be a part of the AM or PM class. I told her I had to get back to her. I immediately text Mike and asked him which one. After a long thirty minutes, he finally got back to me and said, “do what you gotta do. we will figure it out.” I called Erika back and told her that I would do the AM class and that I’m willing to start January 30th. Everything was done.

It was a very surreal experience. I finally got the phone call I was looking forward to. It happened and I didn’t know how to process it! I was so happy, yet overwhelmed, yet scared of the unknown, and so excited, but reserved a tinge of nervousness. I had so many emotions going off in my head.

So many worries and questions hit me at once.

What if Mike gets a job that is first shift? Who will get Mikhail off to the bus? What would we do? Plus so much more.

But all that is pushed aside now…

I wrote out my two-weeks notice. Today, despite the freezing rain and sleet outside, I took it to work and dropped it off. Kevin was on a conference call so I couldn’t hand deliver it to him. I gave it to the other manager and said to give it to Kevin and went on my way.


I came home and I felt a sense of a relief. It was a calm that I haven’t experienced in such a long time. I am unsure how to process this feeling either. It’s such a weird feeling to have after you haven’t had it in forever.

These past few weeks have been filled with thinking about everything! I spent HOURS online looking at new clothes, lunch box and containers, lunch ideas on Pinterest, saving challenges that I can do *IF* I get my new job. Planning ahead with a snowball effect debt relief worksheet *IF* I got my new job. I planned which purse I would take so I could be sure to carry all the different things I’d need for work. I planned some lunches. I planned what I’d take during downtime until the busy season started. I went on Amazon and purchased tens of books, some that even cost me money, because I wasn’t paying close enough attention, for my Kindle. I loaded up the books, I organized everything into collections and made it easy for me to find books on my Kindle. I looked at new makeup and hair products. I literally spent hours looking online for all various things I’ll have to buy or figure out when I get the call.

I got the call and now I’m like … blank slate. I have nothing on my mind. Other than what I’m writing here in this blog my mind is absolutely blank. I’m no longer freaking out about everything. I am not saying “OK. You found all that stuff when you were looking online, now what stuff are you ACTUALLY going to get when you go to work?” I didn’t think of any of this. I don’t know if I ever will.

I mean, I’m excited. I’m also scared.

I don’t know what to figure out next. Everyone, I mean, EVERYONE has said the words, “It will work itself out.” or “We will figure it all out.” to me multiple times the past few weeks. Now that it’s all figured out, I’m sitting here going, well then.

It will all work itself out. 

Everything will figure itself out. We can overcome this new journey and excel from it.

Now, I have the day off today. I could spend this day doing chores but I did so much cleaning this weekend from and after the Christmas party that I don’t have much to do if anything at all. So instead, I have my sweatshirt on, a flannel sheet folded in half on my lap, the heat cranked up, a very LARGE Yeti cup full of coffee, watching the rain out of the window feeling sorry for anyone out in it.

Things I need to worry about include my grocery list for Saturday, what the hell I’m going to cook for dinner tonight and tomorrow because I feel we are out of EVERYTHING, and what I’m going to cook Mike for lunch if he comes home for lunch. Those three things are the only things that need to be on my mind right now. Spending money on clothes, makeup, or lunch containers no longer a worry. It will all work itself out.

I’m not used to this calm. The quiet is almost scary. I’m so unsure of what to feel/think about it. Something new I’m going to have to get used to, kinda like my normalcy.

I just wanted to quickly write that I got the job and I am unsure how to process the thoughts that come with it. Excitement, yes. Nervous as hell, kinda. We will figure it all out.

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  1. Sheri says:

    Don’t be too distressed about the calm, if you’re anything like me you’ll be back to stressing over everything in no time! :P

  2. Michelle says:

    Yay, this is good ^^ Just enjoy the calm and peace and then all the stress will be easy to deal with.

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