I got my blanket on, my feet kicked up, and Pandora blasted … time to write an entry.

Mike and I just ate lunch together thanks to me. I ran to Jersey Mike’s. Not what he was hoping (Kopp’s) but it was food nonetheless. You see, I won a $200 American Express gift card on a Twitter party a few weeks back. That arrived today! I went shopping at Walmart for a little while but hard a time spending the money specifically on myself. I always have a hard time spending money on myself. Well, I ended up buying three things and all three were specifically for me. I bought two pairs of capris, I was in need of those, and a new purse. The purse cost me $18.97. No shame in my cheapskate game. Coach and all those other name brands I don’t know how to spell don’t have anything on me. So, I spent a total of $68 between lunch and my three items at Walmart. Christ, money goes fast! Easy come, easy go, right!? Smh.

So, Mike just left to go back to work which means I have approximately one hour until Nick arrives home and then an additional 30 minutes until Mikhail arrives home. I use this time as my unwind, zen, ease my mind, whatever you wanna call it, time. I tend to spend this time listening to music and just aimlessly browsing the web. My chores are typically done for the day. Sometimes, I have a Twitter party to attend but not today. Well, I could if I *really* wanted to but I am choosing not to participate in that one because I don’t care for the prizes.

I have another gift card pending too! I had won a $100 VISA gift card that should be arriving any moment. Mike wants me to use this money on myself but I quite frankly want to buy lots of stuff for my kitchen! I figure I could take both gift cards, convert them into Amazon gift cards, have $231 to spend on Amazon and buy ALL the fixings and stuff to make my coffee bar I really want to make. However, I have my dad and stepmom on a mission to find me a small dresser, table, or utility cart for that exact purpose. They always go on rummage sale hunts and I figured it would give them something to do. Plus, it will only cost me $10-15 instead of $100 like the one I wanted to buy on Amazon. Patience is a virtue, Nik. Something I definitely don’t have a lot of.

And I know what you’re probably thinking… Nik, why don’t you save that money for a rainy day? Do something fun with it!? Save it for when you really want something! Well, here’s the problem with that. I never, EVER have money for myself. With that being said, I also have everything that I want/need, but I never get to jump in the car and just go shopping. That’s what I like having these gift cards around for. Just jumping in the car and spending money… Except that pesky rule: Only spend the money on yourself. What do I want? What is it I need? Nothing really. I don’t want to waste money on planner supplies or scrapbook items until I can get my head in the right game. I’ve realized I’ve wasted SO much money on that stuff, and for what? To make paper look pretty!? Pitiful. Yes, I just called myself pitiful for spending money on a hobby that I once thoroughly enjoyed. I just came to the conclusion of what’s the point!? I am SO far behind in pictures… I have scrapbook pages made for Nick when he was about 8 months old and then nothing after that. Years and years of pictures have to be gone through, printed, cropped, sorted, organized, THEN scrapbooked only after I have all the material… ALL THIS EQUALS MORE MONEY! The money I don’t have to waste. I have even contemplated selling ALL my scrapbooking stuff outright and just getting some extra dollars for it all.

I don’t know. I don’t want to make any rash decisions on the fly. I want to think this through. That’s why I haven’t done anything with any of it yet. I want to sit on it for a few more weeks/months and then make a decision. I know for a fact I can get the stuff to sell. Maybe I’ll look into that Project Life app they have. Do everything digitally instead. *shrugs* I don’t know. I just know I don’t have the room to store all this stuff… and while I don’t own a lot of stuff and my stuff only takes up a small portion of the room, I feel the need to declutter even more.

Wow, I have successfully rambled on for 800 words.

I guess that’s all that’s really happening. Surgery is Wednesday. We’re having a cookout tomorrow evening. Nick failed a math test again and probably cannot make it up because it’s been too long because it takes like 3 weeks for the stupid teacher to grade everything. Mikhai has been full of tantrums and naughtiness. Doctor said it more than likely is due to him being SO well behaved at school that once he’s home he can just let loose, also the fact that we’re too easy on him. PUSHOVER! Mike’s been stressed out from work because they’re getting shipments from FL and so he’s got a lot of things to do at work. That’s about it. I think I covered everything.


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