Today I got an email from my oldest son, Nick saying that he was having chest pain. He said the pain went through his chest and up his neck and in to his head. I took this very seriously. I told him I was coming to pick him up immediately to take him to the hospital. I arrived at school and the secretary was quite shocked as to why I was there. He never told the nurse or anything. So, when he arrived in the office to leave she was sure to tell him that next time he had to tell someone in case something could have happened to him.

I hemmed and hawed as to which hospital I would take him to. Do I go to the one that’s closer, will be easier to get in and out of, and didn’t have construction up every block, but was an normal hospital? Or do I take him to the Children’s Hospital? I opted for Children’s because this could be something serious and they work with children every day so best bet was there. I drove the miles away through all the construction and went to the hospital I wasn’t very familiar with.

The reason I was really concerned, aside from it being chest pain, was that he had some heart problems last year. We determined it was stress related but we learned he had PVCs or premature ventricular contractions. We found out he was having up near 40,000 PVCs on a daily basis. After we switched his medication to something else, it dropped down to 17,000 – lower but still significant. So, I take anything relating his chest and/or heart seriously.

We arrived at the hospital and I instantaneously remembered why I stopped coming there. It was slow and crazy busy. We waited about 20 minutes in line by the door until we were finally checked in. We were taken back to the small room to do Nick’s vitals and get his weight. Suddenly something happened and people were rushing and screaming for a doctor. We were told to go wait in the waiting room. We waited over an hour and then nurses and security guards started to emerge from the back once again. We were finally called back.

The doctor came in right away and ordered an EKG and said it was more than likely Precordial Catch Syndrome but she wanted the results of the EKG before making assumptions. A nurse came in a while later and did the EKG. It lasted about 4 seconds and it was over. Typical for an EKG. The doctor came back later on and said that the EKG came back normal and that we were determining this to be Precordial Catch Syndrome – which is just a fancy term for saying chest pain in the chest walls. This can be triggered by growing pains, injury, or poor posture, or unknown reasons. We’re not ruling out stress being the culprit.

Nick was sent home with no restrictions. We were free and clear and with a small bit of answers and no major concerns. They reported he still had some PVCs but they couldn’t tell with only four seconds of a EKG.

He’s under a lot of stress with failing at school and his Dad disappearing again. I’m doing my best to keep him in good spirits and motivated to continue to work hard in school. So we had a little scare today but nothing to worry about. We were told if pain increases in frequency or in intensity we were to contact his Cardiologist to get a quicker appointment than the one we have scheduled in January.

So that was our excitement for the day. How crazy. Glad he’s doing alright and there’s nothing we have to worry too much about.

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