I had written about all of this in a previous post but when I decided to start over fresh and new it got deleted. I’ll start off with a small back story…

Flashback to almost exactly one year ago…

A year ago Nick and I went to his annual check up. The doctor did his normal routine. While listening to Nick’s heart he noticed something strange, went on with the exam, and then brought it to our attention once he was finished. He explained that it sounded like every third heart beat was skipping or premature. He ordered an EKG and told us he’ll keep in touch. A couple days of worrying passed and we had the EKG. His doctor called us up later that afternoon and confirmed the EKG showed exactly what he thought… premature heart beats. He referred us to see a cardiologist.

After a few more days of waiting and lots more anxiety, we saw the cardiologist. He ordered to have an ECHO done on Nick’s heart, a stress test done at the main campus, and a holter monitor test for 24 hours. Nick got the ECHO done right away. There was no damage that was shown in the ECHO and everything was working properly. Phew! Next was the stress test, Nick did an exercise stress test on the treadmill. The doctor’s suspicions were correct – while exercising the PVCs went away but he wasn’t done ruling everything out yet. We waited for the holter monitor test to come and we hooked Nick up to that. He had to wear it for 24 hours. He hated the damn thing but he did what was required of him. The results came back a few days later, Nick was having almost 40,000 PVCs a day – very significant! The doctor said that there was a possibility of his stimulant medication for ADD was probably not helping and ordered us to get off it immediately. We discussed with the regular doctor further about which medications we’d be switching him to.

Skip a few weeks later and Nick had a second holter monitor test done to see if the PVCs gotten better now that he was off his medication. After having the test on for another 24 hours, the results came back that he was having 17,000 PVCs per day. Significantly lower, but still way too high. The doctor said to keep him off his medication and in one year return. At that time we would be checking to see if anything has changed and if he has grown out of his PVCs.

Fast forward to about two weeks ago…

Nick was complaining his chest was bothering him. He said his chest hurt. He shortly after burped and said it was all better. I said it was probably indigestion. We went on with our business.

A week ago, Nick emailed me saying his chest hurt him again and that he pain went through his neck and in to his head. The night before and that morning he complained of having a headache. I told him I’d be coming to pick him up and taking him to the hospital. I arrived at school and the secretary was very surprised by my reasoning for picking him up. She informed him when he got to the office that he needs to go to the nurses room immediately when something as serious as a chest pain arises. Nick understood and we were on our way to the hospital.

I chose to go to Children’s Hospital for a few reasons. 1.) They work with children every single day and could probably read the tests from a child better than say at a normal hospital. 2.) His cardiologist was at his hospital and if they needed history or to see his ECHO or EKG they would be able to do this.

With that being said, I want to tell you I absolutely HATE this hospital. It’s always so very busy. There are so many sick children running around with all their germs touching everything. You’re bound to walk out of there with some other form of illness. Parking sucks. You wait hours to be seen. I just all around hate going to this hospital but I figured it was for the best for Nick so we went.

We arrived and right off the bat we waited 20 minutes in line by the door just to be checked in. We finally got checked in and were taken back to get Nick’s vitals. Then something happened where there were doctors and nurses rushing to the other side of the corridor and were all yelling and screaming to get a doctor. Something major was happening. We were told to wait in the waiting room.

An hour passed and finally nurses and security guards started to emerge from the doors. We were called back and given a room on the opposite end of the ER than were the excitement was going on. The doctor came in and said it sounded like Precordial Catch Syndrome and that they’d do an EKG just to be on the safe side. After waiting a few moments, they did the EKG. Within minutes the doctor came back in and said the EKG looked normal and that they were going to diagnosis this as Precordial Catch Syndrome.

From my understanding, Precordial Catch Syndrome is when a nerve in your chest wall because irritated or pinched causing you pain. This can be a short, very stinging pain. Normally this is due to a growth spurt, injury, or from poor posture. Makes sense. They told me to give him tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain and to keep an eye on it if it gets worse.


Yesterday Nick complained about his chest hurting for a good 20-30 minutes while he was over by Lynn’s playing with the cat. He was laughing hysterically before hand. I didn’t think too much of it.

Today, I got a phone call from Nick saying he was having chest pain again. The school nurse came on the line saying, “What is this precor…. precor… pre… whatever he has?” I explained the syndrome and that he can take tylenol and go back to class after it passes.

Now, this is going to be something I watch very carefully. I have to watch for a few things. I need to watch for Nick playing around and chalking this up as another condition that he has and that he needs to get attention for. I need to talk to Nick and tell him the severity and the extent of what this means if he continues to have these pains. (More holter monitor testing, more stress tests, more EKGs, missed school and making up work, which means failing classes and more time being grounded.) I think he needs to understand the seriousness of this and not just play everyone like a fool – like he does quite often – and try to get out of school.

If anything, I’ll give the cardiologist a call and see what he has to say. Not going to hurt anything taking Nick in to see him a few months early.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on it. I’ll keep you all up to date.

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