Well this year has gone well (so far). Haha. I know it’s only the 2nd, but so far so good.

We are all healthy right now. Mike has a minor sinus problems but that is nothing new from any other day.

The boys went sledding today. They left me alone in the house for about two hours. That as nice. I ended up talking on the phone with my mom most of the time. They came home after Nick threw a fit for going in to the ‘wooded area’ and hurting himself. So they were all crabby when they returned. Yippee, skippy for me!

My mom and I were discussing our family’s gathering that is coming up in two weeks. She wants to get Krystal and Sarah and our families together for a Christmas get together. Against much remorse from my mom, she agreed to have it at my house on the 16th. She wanted it at her house but honestly, Sarah, Josh, Hailey, Krystal, CJ, Charlie, Milli, Nick, Mikhail, Mike, myself, her, and her Mike… That’s thirteen people! She has enough room in her house to seat four, comfortably. Uh, yea… no. So, she finally agreed that my house would be much better for it. No smoke in the air so Sarah and myself are happy about that. There will be places for everyone to sit, or hang out in the kitchen. Then she said something about bringing a table so we all could sit at a table and eat together. I’m like seriously, Mom, we aren’t all going to fit at a table to have a dinner together. We’re going to have to sit at our seats and eat. She then bitched about how she has to use an electric stove and how she hates electric stoves. Omfg! Get the fuck over it. Whatever. We’ll all figure it out. I just need to get the house back in order.

That brings me to the little bit that I did today. I managed to fold all our clothes (two loads), all the towels (two loads), and all the whites (one load) this morning. I attempted to clean up the bedroom but not getting very far with that. I cleaned up the living room a little bit also. I did a few dishes and I believe the dishwasher is full of dirty dishes. I also swept the floor. So I got that done. I have a HUGE list to do this week while the boys are in school though – HOLY SHIT! – so much to do.

I received my $25 Target gift card. It was an e-card though so I had to use it online. I ended up buying the biggest bottle of laundry soap and scent boosters I could find. It wound up costing me approximately $9 out of pocket (for shipping and tax). Totally worth it.

I am going hardcore with the sweepstakes and Twitter parties this year. I am very ambitious right now which is shocking because it’s the middle of winter and I’m usually crashing with a bad bout of depression by now. I have decided that I’m going full blast this year. I don’t care if I win but I know I will if I put forth the effort like I plan to. I have entered tons of sweepstakes but still taking in to account what I want to win and what I need to win. I watch what I enter and take in to consideration what I’m willing to pay taxes for. I feel really good about it this year. I even went as far as purchasing 3 months from SweepsAdvantage for expiring sweepstakes. I only did three months because if I win something that was from an expiring sweep then I’ll do it again. I really do feel good about this year. I am going to put forth a lot of effort and really try this year. I’m bound to win something, right!? I’m excited.

I suppose. The guys are streaming and I’m going to pay attention to that. It’s really hard to type out a blog with them in my ear and lots of music and sounds from the games. So, talk to you again soon!

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