Today has been a good day so far. I woke up and got the boys awake. Once they were stirring and I got some coffee in me I ran downstairs and got some chicken from the chest freezer and threw in a load of laundry while I was at it. Let me just say I love having a washer and dryer once again. *knocks on wood* I am forever grateful we finally were able to move in to a HOME instead of a house. One that isn’t an apartment with people coming and going constantly. We moved in to our home in June of this year and it’s been wonderful for the most part. The boys love their new schools, I love the space – and everyone has their own here, and we are all around happier here. Mike has the basement, I have my washer and dryer and a space to call my own up in our bedroom, the boys each have their own bedrooms. Things are great!

Anyways, back to what I was saying, I got dinner in the slow cooker, kitchen started to be cleaned up, the boys off to school, and my second load of laundry in the washer all before 9 am! I came and sat down to enjoy the rest of my coffee and work on some pages here at Eternal Amour (EA). I have added a few icons over in the side bar including: Instagram, Read More About Me (the book), my Wishlist (piggy bank), and my To Watch/Read list (tv). All those page have been updated. I re-wrote my “Read More About Me” page and while some of it explains and repeats some of the things I wrote about in my introduction, it explains a little more too.  So check out those updates if you’d like.

Mike called me and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch with him. Funny that he did this because I was just thinking this morning how nice it would be to go out to lunch with him. Thankfully he gets an hour lunch at his work so we’re able to go somewhere close, enjoy our food and company, and then leisurely return. I met him up at work and jumped in his car and we went to Culver’s, which was my choice. We talked and enjoyed our lunch. He went back to work and I stopped at KwikTrip and picked up some butter and bananas because they’re so cheap there; plus it’s right on the way of going home now that they opened the road back up.

Now, I’m just writing this and waiting for the boys to arrive home from school. Nick gets home about forty minutes before Mikhail does. This gives Nick and I some time together to just talk about his day without any interruptions. The past two days have been a little trying because we’re both working incredibly hard to get Nick’s failing grades back up. He’s currently failing Math and Science. Math is a VERY low grade at only 35% and we’re working vigorously to get that back up. I just checked his campus portal and it shows he’s missing two assignments in Math so I’m going to have to discuss that with him today. Hoping for little attitude and just some understanding that this needs to get done. We’ve been having trouble in the understanding department but we’re both trying.

I need to go print off some long division work sheets for Nick to practice and check on my dinner – chicken and dumplings. Yummy! Ok. I’ll write again soon. Cross your fingers this evening is a laid back evening without any hiccups or shouting matches.


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