We had some pretty eventful past two days. The boys came home from school yesterday and I fed them something to hold them over. We had movie night at Mikhail’s school. We were seeing Inside Out. It would be our second time seeing it and being that it was one of my favorite Pixar movies, I had no problem with this.

Mike came home around 6:10 and we got all ready to go. We failed to bring pillows and blankets because it only said in one place out of like four or five to bring them, so we opted against bringing them. I wish we would have though. We walked in and got checked in and got our raffle tickets; each child got one. They were giving away a Frozen Shoots and Ladder’s game, an Olaf, a Green Bay Packer throw pillow, an $10 Target gift card, and the movie itself. I put in the raffle tickets in to the bucket and we moved on. We checked out the candy 20151105_183418they had, the soda and water, the popcorn, and the pizza. We went in and searched for a seat. The entire floor was covered in blankets and pillows. There were kids everywhere. The walls were lined with those metal really hard fold up chairs. We found a spot in the far back corner and attempted to save a seat for the boys on the floor. While we waited for the movie to start, I went and got pizza for them. It was only $3 each for those slices of pizza. Aren’t they huge?!

The movie started and we were able to talk the 20151105_184754boys in to sitting on the floor while Mike and I cozy on up to each other since it was such close quarters. As you can see the gym filled up rather quickly. People kept filling in! It was madness. There were kids and blankets, and pillows, and adults everywhere! Every seat in the gym was filled. There were even people set up in the doorways (almost in the hall) to watch the movie. Why they didn’t have this in the bigger gym downstairs is beyond me. Anyway, we sat and watched the movie, very uncomfortably might I add, and enjoyed it as much as we could. Mikhail eventually came up and sat on our laps at the last 45 minutes of the movie and boy did that make it even more uncomfortable! We made it through the movie and we headed home around 8:45. The boys enjoyed themselves and they loved every minute of it, minus sitting on the bare floor with no pillows or blankets.

Off school, doing something fun!

Friday the boys had off school, this was the reason why movie night was able to be done on Thursday night. Lynn also had off work so she wanted to do something fun with the boys. The options were seeing a movie – meh, or going to Helium Trampoline Park. I explained that Nick had asked a bunch of times to go to Helium around his birthday and that’s what we ended up doing.

You have to schedule the times you want to come and jump. We assumed this was so it didn’t get overly busy and kids were running in to each other on the trampolines. The boys were pleasantly surprised when we arrived. We went in, gave them our waivers and prepaid receipt, paid for the special socks they needed, and were on our way for an hour of fun.

The first thing we did was get the boys new socks on and made our way to the main room with all the trampolines. The boys took a few balls and tried to make some baskets while getting used to the trampolines.


They jumped in this area for a while. It had about 30 trampolines all tied together. Even had trampolines up the walls. The boys bounced for a while. Nick did a lot better than I thought he would because he doesn’t get much exercise normally so I thought he’d poop out early. He was a champ though.

After the main room we went over to the littler room with four trampolines and a giant air bag. The boys wanted to walk up the stairs and fall down in to the air bag but they didn’t understand how they were supposed to jump because the lady explained it so fast. They both went up the stairs and ultimately came back down.


The lady said that it didn’t look that high up from where we’re standing but once you’re up there it’s much higher. Like I said, she explained how the boys were supposed to jump so quickly that the boys got frazzled and didn’t know what they were supposed to do once up there. Mikhail commented later that he would do the jump next time he went.

Next the boys wanted to do the hamster balls. They were these giant inflatable balls that they crawl in to and then walk around inside. The boys had a blast in them. Lynn and I were sure Nick would come out saying he didn’t want to do it again but Mikhail would. To our surprise they both said they wanted to do it again!


We ended up going back over to the main room with all the trampolines and hung out there. Nick attempted to do a bunch of flips but couldn’t do much more than a somersault. He was proud of his somersaults though and I don’t blame him. They were pretty damn good somersaults. 

The hour came to an end and we headed out. The boys got their shoes back on and I took one final picture; a picture of them completely drenched in sweat. They had so much fun and the rest of the day we listened to Mikhail asking when we would returning.


After Helium, we went out to lunch at Burger King. The boys then begged us to go to the mall where Lynn works to check out their Funko Pop selection. We walked through the mall for about 45 minutes then headed home.

It was a successful day. The boys had a blast. Mikhail asked us about 30 times when he’s going back, including “Can we go back tomorrow? If not tomorrow, Sunday then, right?” LOL

Glad they had fun.

Today it’s just the boys and I. Mike went over to his friend Myles’ house to do ‘garage stuffs’. Mikhail deemed this pajama day and I can’t argue with that. He got a nice long, hot bath today and put his pajamas on. He ended up going downstairs to play on Dad’s computer for a while and then ultimately come upstairs to play on the Xbox. Nick and I have been arguing all day because he wants to go to the store but we’re not going to the store for anything today, maybe tomorrow. He got $20 for his birthday and it’s burning a hole in his pocket. However, he has no idea what to buy with this money so he only ends up frustrated.

I ended up ordering Toppers pizza because we had a certificate for a free large pizza of choice and a large order of their “Toppers Sticks” of choice. So we basically got $25 worth of food for free because they royally screwed up our order the last time we got them in October. They didn’t screw it up this time and everything was wonderful.

I went and took a shower. I explained to Nick that I would be doing more stuff “away from the house” sorta speak. I’ll still be home but I mean I’ll be going upstairs to take showers instead of waiting until they’re in bed, or going upstairs to work on my craft stuff. I’ll also be leaving them alone while I go to to Lynn’s house next door. This will give Nick an opportunity to show some responsibility.

He’s going to have a hard time with this because I went and took a shower and came out to find him playing on his iPad. This is after I told him about 30 times in the past three days that he shouldn’t be on his iPad to listen to music and/or play because he’s currently grounded! Strike right there that he’s not ready to show responsibility. We will keep at it though. I’ll continue to leave them “alone” and just keep testing Nick’s responsible nature. Hopefully he gets the hang of it eventually because I would love to return to work – I can’t do that until he is responsible enough to stay at home before and after school and watch his brother.

It will be a test for all of us. Apparently a very slow process. We’ll get through this.

Until next time…

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