My computer is fresh and newly reinstalled with a copy of Windows 10. So far so good with how it’s running. *knocks on wood* I think it took me about 3 hours to reformat it, reinstall it, update it, and reinstall everything that was on it minus some things. I haven’t really put a lot back on it. I didn’t put any of my Sims games back on it yet. I have to go upstairs and look for the Paint Shop Pro disk. I have version “X5” and yesterday at work we had to destroy some of the old software which included PSPX8. Gah! It broke my heart to have to destroy it but it had to be done. I would have happily taken a copy off them but I couldn’t. Boo!

Christmas 2016 … in the works …


In other Christmas news, I did something that I was very proud of. I purchased the boys “big ticket item” Christmas present this past week. They both bugged us for weeks about how all I want is a computer. Well actually it was more, I want a computer in my room! OH YEA ME TOO! So you both want computers in your rooms? YES! I don’t think so. So, Mike and I actually started talking about it and discussed the possibility of actually buying a computer for them. The agreement between us was IF we did we would only buy one, it would be placed in the dining room where we could closely monitor the activity being done on it, and it would be beneficial to us because one could play on the Xbox One and one could be on the computer. It also would be used specifically for homework and such because they’re both growing in age and soon they’ll need to start doing research and papers. After some serious consideration, we contemplated it for a few weeks and decided we would do it if we could afford it.

Last week, I gave Mike a price range. “You can spend $#.##… nothing more. If you find something in that price range, buy it.” Well, he recruited our friend, Ben. We found a decent one and Mike’s like “should we do it?” and he said, “YES!” I purchased it a few minutes later and the whole thing was said and done.

It arrived today. Mike has to open it up in the basement away from eyes and test everything to make sure it works. But it’s said and done. It’s purchased and let me tell you man did that feel goodIt felt amazing to be able to purchase such a big ticket item and it’s barely into October. We got their big item already! That means whatever I find from here on out is just extras underneath the tree.

That’s like today, I had a few extra dollars, so I went to Target to do some clearance shopping. I used to go clearance shopping 2-3 times per month before I started working. I stopped doing it because Target is literally two doors down from work and I didn’t want to go near work on my days off. Well today, I decided to bite the bullet and just go. I went to Target and talked to my sister, Krystal, on the phone the entire time. I found a gift for Charlie (my nephew) whose birthday was this past weekend and I forgot to get a gift so I asked her what should I get. I got some clothes for Mikhail and some clothes for Nick. Then I went by the character merchandise and found that ALL the Walking Dead merchandise was on clearance! I was super bummed that the blanket wasn’t there but I found a hat, a tumbler cup, and a drawstring backpack for Nick.

See, anything we buy from here on out will just be filler stuff to put underneath the tree. The big present; the computer, will be what matters. They’ll be so excited to see that we were actually able to do that because they’re 100% under the impression we cannot afford such a large, extravagant gift for them this year. So it will be interesting how all this plays out on Christmas morning. I have good enough knowledge of my boys that they will be appreciative but also disappointed they didn’t get more. That’s typical of children nowadays. Things are so big and shiny and things come so easily that there’s always a want for more. They’re good kids. Hopefully, all the talks we’ve had over the months/years will be enough for them to realize that they need to be grateful for what they get. Not saying my kids are ungrateful brats. But they have their moments, ya know? Like any other kid, sometimes they get disappointed. Nick gets disappointed the most/easiest. Hopefully this year he’ll be super excited.

Ok, I’m rambling… Moving on…

Actually, that’s all I really wanted to talk about. Work is fine. I did inventory all last week, was on the register yesterday, unfortunately, and should be doing inventory on Thursday and Friday again. I’m interested to see if I’ll be continuing where I left off. If so, why didn’t anyone else work that area while I was unavailable? If so, did they want only me to do that job? *shrugs* Guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

DHL is hot on my mind right now. The closer we get to January the more excited I’m growing about leaving OM to go back to DHL. I’m jumping ahead of myself. I don’t even know if they’re going to hire me again. That email from my old boss was pretty promising, though. “Of course I remember you! I will be sure to forward this email to Matt and Erika because they do all the hiring.” In my head, that’s telling me that this is almost a done deal. I cannot jump to conclusions. Time will tell. I really hope it all works out for myself. I think I deserve to be happy and content for at least a while.

Until next time……….

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