Well, it is almost 10 pm on Friday night. I am exhausted. As much as I want to tell you all about every single detail of my week… I don’t think that will ever happen.

I’ll sum it up for you.

  • Monday I left about 8:20 to arrive at 8:40. I arrived at 8:30. It took me approximately 10 minutes to drive there, walk from the far parking lot to the building and get in.
  • The first day was great. I learned a lot. Our trainer was very nice and amazing. Shane was very nice and amazing. I picked a desk all the way in the far back away from everything, right next to the door to go to the breakroom. We got a tour and got started right away.
  • I had VERY little anxiety for the first day. A lot of it was review. How do you speak to your customers? What are the rules and regulations? Everyone wasted time with asking “Shane Questions” who is our boss through our temp. agency. Our trainer did her best to keep us on track by saying, “That is a Shane question, we will get you those answers when we have them.”
  • A lot of people asked a lot of unrelated questions. It took us 45 minutes to get through making a simple shortcut on a computer screen. IT DROVE ME CRAZY! I didn’t have coffee. They had coffee made but no one was considerate of others.
  • We found out we had one 15-minute break and one 1-hour lunch. I packed a lunch as I was directed to do so. I ate very little.
  • It took over an hour to get everyone back to their desks and ready to start going again after lunch.
  • It was VERY frustrating for me because I came from such a very strict environment at DHL to come to this where most of the people there were from the temp agency and they are ONLY there to get paid, they do not care about the employer, or the job itself, they care about making money.
  • I cared about the job, the employer, the rules, the regulations. I have a strong history of being exactly where you’re supposed to at the exact time you are supposed to be.
  • I went in with a positive attitude. I kept an open mind. I asked about policies I wasn’t familiar with. I got down and dirty with the information we were given.
  • I came home to a home cooked meal that Mike prepared. Boys did their homework. The house was picked up. I was asked how my day was.

Tuesday. I went in a little later in the morning.

  • I noticed we were missing people. Guess the job wasn’t for them.
  • Our trainer had to have a talk with everyone about being on time and doing what they’re supposed to be doing. If they tell us NOT to do something we should NOT be doing it. Basic shit… we’re all adults. We should not have to be going over this.
  • We got down and dirty learning the system. It was EASY… well, at least for me it was. I was impressing bosses, supervisors, trainers alike. I picked up on what to do and what to do next. I played around with the system and figured stuff out on my own.
  • I asked questions that were relevant to the topic we were on. SO MANY TIMES we got off topic. They talked about this and that, some stuff pertaining banking and some stuff completely off the wall.
  • There were so many “Shane questions”. Our trainer finally said, “OK! Shane agreed to give 30 minutes time to whoever needed to talk to him about all your questions until then I am simply going to go Shane question and be done with it and move on” We got through the curriculum but it was SLOW.
  • I WENT HOME FOR LUNCH! I did NOT worry about not making it here and there on time. I just did it. I walked to my car and drove home, by the time I had my lunch in my hand and was sitting on the couch it had been exactly 10 minutes from when I had left my desk. I ate peacefully, checked Facebook, and I left around 1:40 pm just to be sure I’d be back in time. It took me exactly 10 minutes to get back to work and unload all my stuff on my desk and run to the bathroom and fill my water bottle. I sat back down at my desk at exactly 1:55. No one was to be seen or found. I logged back into my computer and learned a little bit more about the systems we were using.
  • It wasn’t until 2:40 that we were back on track. Everyone was back from lunch, sitting in their desk, and ready to listen. To me, that is COMPLETELY unacceptable.
  • We walked through more shortcuts and things we had to do to set up our computers. Remember, this is a completely NEW call center, brand new EVERYTHING. So, we had to set up things on our computer. ONE setup took 45 minutes. The trainer and the supervisor had to walk around and make sure every single person (all 22 of us) had the link on the computer. If they didn’t they had to once again, re-explain EVERYTHING she had JUST said to them and walk them through it again.
  • Since I came home for lunch, I decided to brew myself a fresh cup of coffee and bring it to work with me. BEST DECISION EVER. It got me through the end of the day without smashing my head into my desk.


  • The 2nd shift trainer was out sick. OUR trainer had to go train the 2nd shift class. Which means we were left with the supervisors. We learned how to use Outlook, Skype, and more of the systems through remote training with the Steven’s Point trainer. We watched and listened to her navigate through everything. There was NOTHING hard about this. If you wanted to just watch her do it, you watched her do it, if you wanted to watch her do it and follow along on the screen as she explained EXACTLY what to do, we did. The ONLY difference between doing it this way and the way we were doing it when our trainer was there, was there was no one walking around making sure everyone had it. We weren’t wasting ANY TIME. We were powering through information. It was coming at us faster than ever. People couldn’t keep up.
  • There was also a lot of chatter in the Skype chat. A lot of “LOL” and “Look at that person’s username” I made an impression by saying “We cannot judge anything about the customer based on their account or username” and the other trainer said that was a good point. THEN the HEAD OF CALL CENTER OPERATIONS for ALL THREE LOCATIONS told me “Nikkole. You make an excellent point!” Now, everyone in my call center was not only seeing my trainers, managers, supervisors, and bosses noticing what I’m saying/doing… but the Steven’s Point management team as well. This did NOT sit well with my coworkers.
  • Once again, I left to go for lunch. I went home. I ate my lunch. I browsed Facebook for a while. I brewed a fresh cup of coffee and I returned to work. I got to my desk at approximately 1:50. I logged in, I put my headphones on, I took a sip of coffee and I looked around. No one. Whatever.
  • All the sudden, Shane popped over. “Nikkole, did you go for lunch or did you just sit here?” “I went home. I even brewed myself a fresh cup of coffee.” “Uh huh.” He looks around. Looks at me. Looks around again. Looks at his clock. Now. We had ten minutes yet. I was taught at DHL, you are required to be ON time for all breaks and lunches, not a minute late because if you were, it’s an automatic occurrence counted against you. Shane walked away. He stood by his office. Eyes on me. I turned around and did some stuff on the computer to learn a little further. I lean back in my chair. It is now 2 o’clock. Shane, still standing near his office, looks at his clock. I log back into Skype, I call Sarah from Steven’s Point, I log back into my phone system. I get the Skype message up and going. I check my emails to see if there are any updates from Sarah. I look around… no one. No one was there. He stood there, watching. About 15 minutes later, people started emerging. Now, I have been sitting at my desk, headphones on, Skype opened, since 1:10. It is now 2:15 and people were just coming from the break room. No one had left. They all walked down the hall to the break room – that’s it! Shane starred at me and I could just picture himself saying “she left, she went home, ate, made coffee, and still managed to come back and be ready… what the hell?!”
  • Everyone gets situated. We do not begin our second half of Skyping until 2:45.
  • But before I continue with that, our trainer had a VERY important message to tell all of us lovely ladies. “Number one! If you are told a five-minute break, it means FIVE minutes. If you’re told 15 minutes, it means 15 minutes. If your lunch is ONE hour, you are supposed to be here in ONE hour. Ladies, I do not know what you are doing, but the bathroom, the past TWO days has been absolutely HORRENDOUS! IF YOU WILL NOT FLUSH IT IN YOUR OWN TOILET AT HOME, DO NOT FLUSH IT HERE! Everyone in this building uses the bathrooms downstairs. Our vending machines, ice and water machine, coffee machine, breakroom, is all downstairs, the ENTIRE Hales Corners branch uses those restrooms. BE CONSIDERATE! Also, CHECK THE DRAMA AT THE DOOR. NO MORE GOSSIPING OR DRAMA. I do NOT care who is better than who. Who is showing off? Who is doing better than you or her or me or anyone? You need to keep that business to yourself, I do NOT need to hear it being talked about in the breakroom. REMEMBER SKYPE with Sarah IS BUSINESS ONLY! We do not need any LOL or that. IT IS FOR BUSINESS ONLY!” 
  • Interesting… we started the next skype training. Again, I saw nothing wrong with this type of training. It was cool to see her do it, we could do it on our own. I noticed some things got bogged down when all 45 of us were doing the same thing on ONE person’s account, so I decided to sit out and just watch most of the time.
  • Immediately at 4 pm, we got off the training and were told to do some of our videos. There was a lot of anger, meddling, and nonsense going on around the call center. People were NOT happy with this Skype training.
  • We did some review. Listened to some calls and called it a day.


  • Arrived on time. Got ready for work. Immediately logged in to my phone and all my required programs. Our trainer popped her head in, let us know that she would not be training us again today because the 2nd shift trainer was out sick. Chris and Lesley would be taking over instead.
  • Again, the bathrooms, TERRIBLE. One toilet broke. Two others clogged. We had no other bathroom. She had to have yet ANOTHER discussion. WE ARE FUCKING ADULTS! DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO USE A BATHROOM?!
  • We did another Skype training, but this time chat and the talk was blocked. If you had a question you asked in the QA section ONLY when it was available. Again, a LOT of complaining happened.
  • There was even a “I miss Coral (our trainer)” to the other trainer! Like how rude!
  • I went home for my lunch. Brewed a fresh cup of coffee but ate WAY too much for lunch so felt rather sick.
  • Thursday I struggled to stay awake. By this day, I was exhausted.
  • My trainers, supervisors and management team were all taking a lot of notice about what I was doing and what I knew.
  • I asked Chris a “Shane question” and he told me to go ask him when he was available.
  • Chris started quizzing everyone. “I’m going to ask you questions I do NOT think you’re going to get… see if you can figure them out.”
  • One of those questions was, “How do you help your customer see his statements.” Oh… I got this one. *looks around* No hands. Waits a small period of time. I raise my hand. I proceed to explain the ENTIRE process to get the customer to his online statements from START to FINISH. I hear, “GIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLL” and “DAYYYYYYYYYUM” They got in trouble for their language and I just proved to him, and everyone else, I know exactly what I’m doing. This pissed off A LOT of people. There was even more meddling and talk amongst each other. Whatever. I didn’t care. I just proved I understood the WHOLE process of what we’re supposed to do.
  • So, whatever. I proved my point. I wasn’t cocky about it. I simply answered the question.
  • Everyone left who was supposed to leave at 5 pm. I asked Shane my question… “So, I came in at 8:30 on Monday. I know you guys are a little sensitive about overtime so how are we going to handle that?” He told me to keep on the DL and that he would let me go home early. Cool. Thanks, Shane.

I went home, SUPER proud of myself. Fuck them. I know what I’m doing. I’m trying hard and it’s proving to be well.


Big snow storm. We got about 6″ of snow. Shane told us. IF WE WILL BE HERE, YOU WILL BE HERE. PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

  • Left home about 8:10. I suck at driving in the snow. It scares me. I left early.
  • I arrived at 8:25. I walked to work.
  • I go to my desk. The girl next to me goes, “We have assigned desks now. You better figure out your desk.” Hmm, ok. Find Coral. “Where do I sit now?” “Exactly where you are. You didn’t move. You’re good.” FUCK YEA! I didn’t move desks! I found out later why…
  • Coral was back to training us. Cool. Lots of more time wasted.
  • She gave us a quiz. I purposely did not help the new people around me. We were quizzing. She needed to see where people were. So, I didn’t help. I realized, the people surrounding me were all 8-5pm people. Hmm, where are the 9-6 people?
  • Lunchtime. I pack a lunch because I didn’t know how bad it was outside. I sit down at a table. Everyone took chairs from my table and went and squeezed into other tables. No one wanted to sit with me. I felt like that lonely kid with no friends. Everyone was pissed at me. WHATEVER.
  • Coral comes in. “Girls, if it’s too cramped in here, as long as your computer is locked, you can eat your lunch and have your phone out at your desk.” DIDN’T have to tell me twice, I packed up and went to my desk. I text Mike, I ate peacefully. It was glorious. Shane popped over and asked what I was doing. I explained, he said A-OK! He asked me where good places were to get pizza because he was planning on getting us pizza on Monday. I gave him some suggestions.
  • After lunch, we worked on some team building. We all said our names and said one thing we think we did good at and one thing we have to work on. Afterward, we said our names and talked a little bit about ourselves. Some people went ON and ON…
  • I was short and simple. “I’m the only woman in my house. I live with 4 men. My fiance, two older boys, and a cat. I am so not used to all of THIS (as I gesture my arms in a circle). All these females. Definitely not used to it. So if I seem, a little off…” One was like “Yea, like standoff towards everyone” I was like “yea. I’m just not used to being around so many females. I’m with men all day long. Also, I LOVE customer service, and business and financing so this together is literally my dream job and I am LOVING every second of it.” I left it at that. I went over many times afterward more things I could have said, but whatever, the people who I want to know more about me, I’ll tell.
  • Shane gave me permission to leave at 5:30. I snuck out as quietly as I could so I didn’t cause a ruckus.

That was my week. I did everything I was supposed to do and pissed off a lot of people doing it. All the people I am supposed to be impressing, I’m impressing.

I’m exhausted though, so I’m going to cut this short. I really just wanted to get in here and tell my week.

OH YEA! Mike had dinner cooked and ready EVERY night this week. He also cleaned off my car. Made sure Mikhail had homework done, and that Nick was taken care of. He has been absolutely amazing this past week! I love him every second for it.

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    I’m so proud of you. It sounds like those other people just don’t know how to take a job seriously, you’re very professional and I’m sure you’ll go far!

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