I’m talking about this work week – It’s FINALLY OVER!

As of right now, I have my ‘Pop Favorites’ station on Spotify on. Nickolas is at Teen Center at the elementary school. Mike went to the drag strip to watch the staging and races. Mikhail is playing Call of Duty on the Xbox One and pouting because I won’t buy him in-game money and perks. I have my feet up, headphones on, and typing out this blog. The only thing missing is a glass of my Strawberry Rhubarb wine from Three Lakes Winery that I bought up north. However, the last time I had any amount of wine from that winery I ended up falling asleep sitting upright about thirty minutes later. I have to pick up Nick in about an hour so that’s probably best I don’t enjoy my wine tonight.

This week was C-R-A-Z-Y! We were SO incredibly busy! I did over 250 tickets in my four days of work. I’m not even full time and I did over 250 tickets in less than 28 hours of work! That’s insanity. I will definitely hit one of the top 10 web producers this week. It was like everyone was like, “Oh, Labor Day is here? Wow, where did the summer go? Shit! We have to do (insert type of digging here) and we have to call DHL!” Holy fuck we were busy! I got asked very pleadingly to come into work for an entire eight-hour shift on Thursday. I got asked to do it for Monday too. Since the boys don’t have school on Monday, I agreed.

Working a full eight-hour shift wasn’t so bad. I was definitely not used to it. I typically work at 6.5-hour shift per day. She sold me by offering to give me an entire extra break with the extra half an hour, otherwise, I would have only worked 8 actual hours not 8.5 hours (including a half hour lunch). It wasn’t entirely bad. I got there at 7:30 a.m. for an 8 a.m. shift. I had a break by 10:15, a lunch at 12:15, and the second break by 2:15. It broke up the day perfectly. I was taking calls like a champ (because we were just so gosh darn busy) and I was like “OH! I totally have a break right now!” I’m not used to having a break until my lunch at noon. So that was nice. The last thirty minutes of my shift was a little hard because I’m used to leaving at 4 p.m. and I didn’t get to leave until 4:30 p.m. so I wasn’t used to that and that extra thirty minute was rough. I did it! I get to do it all over again on Monday.

Needless to say, with how busy it was this week, I’m happy it’s over. I’m ready for the relaxation of the weekend.

What else can I talk about other than work? Yesterday, Mike and Mikhail went to the drag strip and watched some races. They were home before noon. Mike took it upon himself to start going through boxes in the basement of doom. There is shit EVERYWHERE down there. It’s complete and utter chaos. I have a path to get through the basement to the back to my laundry area, a path to get to the laundry chute on the north wall, and just enough room to function enough to get laundry done. Otherwise, there are thousands of piles of shit everywhere. Blah! I just want my bike and trainer set up. Mike said he had to get through the back of the basement to make room for the stuff that was in the front of the basement, which is where my trainer would be set up. Once I get my bike back up and running, I intend to use it!

Which brings me to my next completely random topic. I am going to start to bust my ass to lose some weight. I am going to break all the odds and barriers and I am going to lose the weight. This is ridiculous. I know I take a bunch of meds that all cause me to gain weight. I know I’m running uphill but running uphill is still possible to reach the top, you just have to work harder. I’ve been counting my calories each day again. I am going OVER my calories literally every single day but at least I’m counting again, right? It’s making me conscious of what I’m eating. And I’m realizing very quickly why I’ve gained the weight. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon so badly. So game plan:

  • count calories and log food every single day no matter how good or bad I ate that day
  • be more conscious of what I’m eating good and bad
  • after Disney, start eating healthier/low carb diet
  • start exercising with my bike and kettlebells
  • (IF) I am not hired on, build a habit of working out every single day while I am off. Whether that is working out in the morning when I first wake up instead of drinking coffee, or after dinner
  • look into way healthier lunches for work – you are doing an alright job packing a decent lunch now but it’s pretty junky, shape it up

That’s the game plan. I hope it’s enough. I don’t start seeing results pretty quickly I tend to give up easily. I gotta look at the bigger picture and instead of looking at only the minor details of things I have to work towards what I really want.

Hmm, alright. I suppose, guys. I have to get ready to get Nick and see how his first Teen Center was. I’ll write again either tomorrow or Sunday.

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  1. Sheri says:

    You made it! Good for you!! Your weight loss game plan sounds good, just remember to be kind to yourself. You got this, Nik.

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