Ok, this will be my last and final attempt at writing this blog post. I’ve been starting and stopping writing this post for the past week! I keep getting it going then get sidetracked or do something completely different. So because of that, instead of getting a detailed word-for-word post about everything that happened in the past week, you’re going to get a nice summarized post. That’s what people prefer anyway right? I like to tell stories. I’m a storyteller. It’s just what I do. I’m going to have to break out of the storyteller shell and just write, quickly, what I did. Ok? Good. Let’s get started…

Last Weekend

We are rewinding back to last weekend. I forgot to mention in previous posts that we were going up north to Mike’s grandparents’ house this past weekend. Our entire family was going to be there, including Mike’s parents, his brother and his girlfriend, us, and the kids. We had full intentions of being up there, not necessarily for a weekend away, but to work and more specifically paint the deck.

Mike, the boys, and I got up around 5 a.m. on Friday morning and by 6 a.m. we were in the car, with Starbucks, and on the freeway headed north. The destination was Three Lakes, WI; a four and half hour drive north. We made our normal stops at Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats to pick up bacon and brats. Then we stopped at Fleet Farm to check out ammo and get some bottles of water. Finally, we arrived around 11:30 a.m. We had planned ahead and packed sandwiches and chips to eat when we arrived. Mike’s brother and his girlfriend had shown up shortly before we did and started to unload already. They didn’t plan ahead so they were hungry. Mike and I finished eating and he wanted to get started on the deck immediately. We grabbed the pressure washer and started to see what paint we could get off. His brother and girlfriend left to go get food. They came back and ate for a little while and his brother went outside to help Mike. Mac, his brother’s girlfriend, and I talked while the boys worked.

Mike’s parents arrived a few hours later and they were back at working on the deck. Before we knew it the entire deck was stripped and ready to be painted. We were all starving and waiting for his parents to show up with food after they ran to Menards for different stain/paint. We all finally ate by 8 p.m. and the boys decided to start to play UNO with Mike’s parents and his brother and girlfriend. I said “one more game” because I was absolutely exhausted! Well, three games later, they were on what I demanded to be their last game and the last game lasted over TWO hours long! I was about to tell them “Ok! YOU PUT THEM TO BED!” when it ended and everyone headed to bed.

We had plans on waking the next morning and painting the deck. Well, when I awoke it was 8:30 a.m., no one woke me up to paint so I was a little confused as to what was going on. Turns out the deck was still soaking wet from the pressure washer and needed to be dry before we could paint it.

So, we did some miscellaneous stuff around the house then headed into town. We went to the fudge shop and then to the Winery. We headed back and everyone was ready to start painting.

It was now 2 p.m. and the entire deck was in the beating hot sun. It was roughly 90°F outside. We lathered up on the sunscreen and headed out. The boys did their best to help but ended up doing more damage than good. We ended up telling them to stop within about 30 minutes of “helping” and redid their sections. Mike, his brother, and his dad did the flat part of the deck while Mike’s mom, his brother’s girlfriend, the kids, and I did the railings.

Skip ahead to about an hour of painting and I was about to pass out. I had overheated far past my breaking point. I take Lithium and it is nearly impossible to maintain my body temperature one way or the other. Mike’s brother finally said, “Nik, why don’t you go in and take a 10 minute break and get some water.” I’m like “What, am I that red?” They all started telling me to go take a break. Turns out I was so red I was nearly purple. I knew I was overheated but I kept pushing myself to just get it done. After two bottles of water, I was no better. I stepped back and let them finish the rest. I couldn’t do anymore as much as I wanted to help.

We finished up and everyone took a breather. I was the first one to take a shower. It went from luke warm (didn’t want to shock my system and give myself a fever seizure) and just kept turning it colder and colder. I couldn’t cool myself down. My face was red until that night.

Everyone felt accomplished, hot and tired. After my shower Mike asked me to go for a walk in the woods with him. We went through the woods and just talked to one another while walking. It was a nice time alone with him. We headed back and everyone had started getting dinner ready.

Later that night, Mike, his brother, his girlfriend, his dad, Mikhail, and I went to the gravel pit and went shooting. The bugs were SO bad though so we didn’t stay long. Later, we all realized that we were all bitten up by some bugs which we learned are called ‘no see ’ems’ and we had welts all over our ankles and necks.

The next day we packed up and got ready for our 4.5 hour long trip back home. It was a good, long, productive weekend away.


So I’d tell you about the rest of the week but it took me nearly three hours to write this blog post as is. Not a whole lot happened this week. The boy went to school, I went grocery shopping, and that about sums it up. I suppose I’m going to let the boys go swimming.

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  1. It’s so nice to get those little alone times, I glad you and Mike were able to do that. Be careful while on lithium, it’s quite dangerous to get overheated, as I’m sure you now know! No see ‘ums – learned about those damn things when I moved here. And as always, I loved reading about your week.

    • Nikkole says:

      It was nice little alone time. Much appreciated. He even said some sweet things that I pushed deep into my memory for those days I don’t feel so loved.

      Yea, with the lithium, it was pretty bad. I was overheated/hot until the next day when I was sitting in the AC fully blasted on me in the car. I was kinda snap happy with everyone that day, “SEE! I TOLD YOU I OVERHEATED EASILY!” Whoops.

      No see ‘ums! Screw those! I got bit up all over my ankles, Mike, too! Except Mike’s ankles were so swollen it looked like he was a nine-month pregnant woman retaining water! Mike’s brother and his girlfriend got it so bad on the back of their neck that it drew blood! I hear that if you run a spoon under HOT HOT water and put it on there that it stings but it sucks the saliva from the bug out and it isn’t itchy anymore. I tried it on my hand and it worked wonders! Maybe something to think about if you get them a lot.

      As always, I appreciate your comments. You’re one of the few that reads and sometimes I wonder why I do it but then someone (mainly you) comes along and comments or likes my post and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So thank you!

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