I have been so ill lately. It’s an illness I can’t quite pinpoint. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all days I ended up throwing up before work. I was perfectly fine on Tuesday even though I had a very high agenda schedule to do that day. Something at work, this job, that job, any job for that matter, is making me subconsciously sicker than a dog. Friday I had worked too but for whatever reason, I didn’t end up sick. Today hasn’t been much better. I felt fine all morning. I drank two cups of coffee. Once I ate some lunch, which didn’t seem to agree with me, I wound up sick from that and have been laid up ever since. Yuck! I just wanna feel better.


This week was pretty good. I went almost the entire week without VTOing. Thursday morning was rough. I ended throwing up about three times before work. My stomach was in knots all morning long. I put in for VTO at 9:30 am and ended up leaving around noon at lunch time. I was grateful for the time off. I tried really hard to stay the entire day but I just felt like crap. I ended up putting in for it around 11 am on Friday but didn’t get it through the entire day so I deleted the request at about 3. I’m just trying not to get occurrences. I know the VTO time is going to bite me in the rear too so I’m trying to be present to work when necessary.

Extra time

I was asked to come in a couple of hours early on Monday. I explained I have to get my son on to the bus at 8 am so I cannot work any earlier than 8:30. The scheduler said any minutes would be appreciated. I agreed to come in at 8:30 am on Monday morning. I am doing my best to be on her good side. She’s pulling strings to give me a schedule change during the non-allowed schedule change times (April – June) and because I mentioned it during the interview when they hired me that I may need to change my hours during summer school works, I explained I need to leave at 3:30 pm on all work days for 7 weeks for summer camp (summer camp is completely paid for!). So, I’m going in a half an hour early on Monday. She didn’t ask me to stay later. I would have been willing to have she asked. I would have just explained to the boys that Mom won’t be home right away on Monday and it would have been fine. However, she didn’t ask, so I didn’t offer. I did ask how many weeks she needs me to come in at 8:30 and she said only next week. *shrugs* Ok? That’s fine by me. If it means being on your good side by coming in 30 minutes early for one day. Fine by me. I questioned the June schedule too and she said she hadn’t even thought about the June schedule yet but it shouldn’t be a big deal so no worries. Score one for Nik.

Fucked Up Scare at the Middle School

So, here’s what fucked-upness that happened at the middle school this week. Thursday, Nick came in the door and goes, “School didn’t call you today, did they?!” I told him no and asked why. “OH. Nevermind. Forget it. Don’t worry about it.”

Uhm, no no no. I asked what happened. He very quickly explained, Cassidy gave me what I thought was candy and I ate it and yelled HA that was a pill! So I freaked out and went to the teacher. She got sent to the office and I had to sit in the office while there was an investigation. It ended up being an antibiotic. I’m fine. I know it was stupid. It’s over, though.

Uhm, what!?

I tried pressing the matter a little further but he wouldn’t explain anything else. I went next door and explained what I understood from Nick to Lynn and she was like EXCUSE ME!? Asked me a ton of questions and I was like do you want me to get him because he’ll be able to explain it better than me.

Nick came over and explained that this girl, Cassidy, gave him this powder in his hand and said it was candy and it was in a candy wrapper and to eat it. So Nick ate it and she yelled at laughed that it was a PILL. He freaked out thinking he was going to overdose because of all the meds that he takes in the morning. He explained it was going to school and it wasn’t a big deal.

Both Lynn and I drilled him about the dangers of drugs and that it could have been ANYTHING. He could have taken cocaine or heroin or something or anything! It could have been one dose to ruin the rest of his life. He could have been in the hospital. He could have overdosed and could have been dead. A little over dramatic, Nik, don’t ya think? It could have been anything and he took it and lapped it up without even batting an eye. We scared his straight and made him really think what happened. I questioned why the fuck the principal never called me.

The next day, I called the school and left a message for the principal saying that I had to work at 8:30, please call prior to that otherwise, I’ll speak to you after 4 pm. She ended up calling me at 8:55 and explained she called me last night and left a message. I never got the message or the call. But that’s why I put in for VTO on Friday because I wanted to get to the bottom of this immediately. Well, I didn’t VTO all day Friday so I had to wait patiently for the principal to call me that night.

She finally did around 5:30. She explained that this girl bought the pills and Cassidy snatched some of the pills. The girl who brought the pills got in trouble for never telling an adult that she snatched the pills. Cassidy went around the 7th grade passing around this powder and pill trying to get people to take it. 3 students took it, 3 passed. None of them told an adult. The principal didn’t know Nick ingested it. He was the 4th student to ingest it but he was the ONLY one to go to an adult regarding the matter. She explained that she invited the 6 students into her office and explained they’d be doing an in-school training on Monday from 8 am until lunch time. It would involve the principal and two police officers. They will be explaining the dangers of taking unknown drugs, the dangers of becoming addicted to the drug afterward and what happens when you’re caught taking drugs in school which could result in being arrested, going to jail, and or expulsion. She asked permission for Nick to attend the little class also. I said absolutely I wanted him to attend because if he had no common sense than to not eat what was offered he needs a swift kick in the ass in the right direction. So he’ll be included in that also.

I asked what happened to the girl who was passing this around and what it was. She explained it was a Probiotic capsule. She said the girl was facing charges, legal actions, and possible expulsion and wouldn’t be back in school for a very long time if ever. I was satisfied with that answer so I left at that.

So that was what happened this week in school. Never a dull day. Ugh.

I’ll over writing this entry though. I just want to curl up under a thick blanket and just relax. So I’ll end this here.

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  1. Sheri says:

    I’m so sorry you have this mystery illness, I hope you can get some answers soon. And I’m so glad the drug wasn’t anything worse!

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