Tis the season. I’m going to do my best to stay on track while writing this entry. My mind is all over the place and I finally have a day off where I don’t have someone who is home sick with me. I’m taking it in with Lindsay Sterling Radio on Spotify. I have quite a few things to talk about so let’s get to it, shall we?

Gizmo is an HE!

Today, I took Gizmo to the vet. My first priority was to check to see if she was a he. I saw a few parts down there that told me that she wasn’t a she at all. No one believed me. Everyone thought I had no idea what I was talking about. So, I had the vet check. He proceeded to show me all the goods that made Gizmo a boy, not a girl. I knew I wasn’t crazy! So there was that. Gizmo had a good check up. He doubled his weight since being there at the beginning of the month. He got his vaccine. I got another dose of flea medication for him. (BTW, it is VERY hard to continuously say ‘him’ and not ‘her’ or ‘she’. This will take some time to get used to… Mikhail will have the hardest time with this, I just know it.) Everything checked out and we go back in 3-4 weeks for a booster of the vaccine and discuss when we’re going to get him neutered. Mike and I intended on doing it Jan-Feb. regardless so this worked out.


Work Success

I had an extremely successful day at work the other day. It was my job to meet my goals and make sales. I laughed at my manager when he handed me a goal card and it had a ridiculous number on it. I just said “yea ok!” and went on with my day. I thought he was nuts! Here’s what my goals were – I’ll explain what they mean too.

  • 2 PPPs (product protection plans) These are sold on things like printers, computers, and as little as flash drives.
  • PPPs = $40 or more which included 1 chair and 1 printer  — had I got one chair and one printer that would have equaled up to or more than $40 in PPPs depending on how expensive the products were
  • 20 add-ons (this is where I literally LOL’d at the manager. Like, 20!? Two. Zero?!) Add-ons included and were mainly McAfee Livesafe cards. Normally it’s paper or stamps.
  • $100 in tech services — McAfee was included in this. So had I sold 20 McAfee cards for $5 each I would have hit my goal of $100 sold in tech services.

Well, needless to say, I did pretty damn well. Better than I think I ever did before. I was a selling machine! Here’s what I ended up doing:

  • 2 PPPs — 1 gear + 1 printer (no chair) — goal technically met 
  • $30 in PPPs — since I didn’t even sell a chair that day and only sold one printer and one gear, I only made $30 in PPP sales so technically my goal was not met. 
  • 18 McAfee add-ons + 6 reams of paper = 24 add-ons — goal totally met but they really wanted 20 McAfee so goal almost met
  • $95 in tech services — I sold 18 McAfee’s and one $5 router hook-up thanks to my manager for allowing me to put my number in for his sale. I was the only one to put tech sales on the board until 3pm when I left. Goal almost reached.

I thought that goal card was ridiculous! And look at that, I almost reached the entire thing. The ENTIRE thing! I also got 2 reward sign ups on top of those listed above.  It was insane. I couldn’t believe I was capable of doing such a good job. I really bragged to everyone after work about how well I did. I wanted to shout from the rooftops how well I did. As per usual, no one seemed to give a rat’s ass. I guess I cannot expect anyone to understand that I did a fantastic job at my job when everyone doesn’t understand my job. My managers were pleased with me. I got the following statements made. I swear to god, I am not tooting my own horn or making up stories like some people I know like to do. 

“Black Friday was fine. We were steady busy. The only time I regretted sending anyone home was you. You would have gotten me the sales that I didn’t see coming in with the people we had. You would have gotten those missed sales.”

“We need five cashiers like Nik****. Everyone coming from Walgreen’s. That’s where you came from right? Well at least we need people coming from there because there is never a thing she does wrong.”

“Nik*** do you ever do anything wrong? I listened to two of your sales and you did everything right. I always look for at least something I can talk to you about but you left me with nothing. So all I can say is, good job and keep up the good work.”

So, I wasn’t full of myself as much as I was beaming from ear to ear. I was very proud of myself. However, this is where things happen where I don’t want them to happen. Here is how my brain goes, great. You met their very high expectations, now you’ll be required to do that from now on. You’ll be required to work at that ridiculous level at all times. Now you must be perfect every time. No room for failures. You showed them what you’re worth, now you must deliver every time. You cannot fail. You cannot fuck off. Just fucking lovely.

That’s how my brain works. Everyone has an off day. Everyone has bad days. I will have off days. I will have bad days. Ugh. My perfectionism will shine through for this one.

Crazy Week

Overall, this has been a pretty crazy week. The boys were home from Wednesday – Sunday of last week. Mike had to work on Sunday and came home very ill. His dad also very ill on Saturday. They were both home through Tuesday. I had Mike home and it threw me off! He was home while I worked on Monday but I was home all day yesterday and home with him. I can never get anything done while he’s home. It has something to do with him just laying around while I do a lot of the cleaning/work or something! I cannot say I got anything done because I was able to get a load of wash done, I ran around to four different stores looking for a New Nintendo 3DS XL charger because that’s what Mike bought me for Christmas and it doesn’t come with a charger. I ran to the hobby store to buy Mike a new battery so he could play with his new R/C car, which I bought him for his Christmas present. LOL, It really was like Christmas yesterday. Mike got his present opened and was playing with it for a good part of the day. He handed me mine and I played mine for about an hour and a half or so. I finally found a charger so I felt more comfortable playing it. I was going to throw it back upstairs and wrap it for Christmas to open on Christmas but I ended up keeping it out and playing it instead.

Mike went back to work today. He wasn’t 100% yet. He came home for lunch and said he was really tired and his stomach still ached. His body was very sore all through Sunday to Tuesday from throwing up so hard. Poor guy.

Mikhail will be home any minute and my quiet time will come to an end. It was a good productive two days but I (can you believe it) am ready to make some more money. My next check is going to be half of what it normally is – worse timing ever – and I can stand to make all the money I could get because of this new found debt I found myself in with Christmas. Only another month before I find out if I get the job back at DHL. I’m still very excited about that. Just because I’m successful at OM doesn’t mean I’m not still anxious to see what I can do at DHL. We will see, right!? Until next time…

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