I was going to write this yesterday, but I never got around to it. I had a trying day yesterday. First thing in the morning, Mike and I awoke; he went in the bathroom and I took off the bedding. I was carrying the laundry basket down the stairs when I got to the bottom of the stairs and slipped on the Diary of a Wimpy kid book that was on the floor. The book slid my foot from underneath me and I rolled my ankle – bad! I whimpered and cried because I couldn’t move or get up I was in so much pain. Nick eventually came down the stairs, saw me on the floor, and ran to me. “MOM!” I was crying and I didn’t know if I broke my ankle. It felt broken. I eventually got up and explained to Nick I was in a lot of pain and I didn’t mean to scare him. I said I was alright just hurt really bad. He was shook up though. I hobbled around and got myself some coffee and pain killers while trying to calm Nick down. Mike came downstairs and saw what happened and yelled at me that this was the reason why everything on the stairs needed to be moved. I yelled back and said “where do you expect me to put the shit?!” So we argued for a few moments and then were done with it. This is why we work. We’re not afraid to say whatever we have to say to each other.

I got the boys off to school and just tried to remain calm until I had to leave for the middle school. I’m going to be honest, I have told the story of what happened at the conferences about 10 times now and I really don’t have the energy or patience to write out EVERYTHING that was said in the 45 minute long meeting. I’ll do my best to round it up and just abbreviate it all.

I arrived about 10 minutes early (nothing new here) and sat and waited. It was brought to my attention that not only would I be attending an extended conference with Nick’s math, science, and I thought, his language arts teachers but the principal, Dean of Students, and guidance counselor would also be attending. His language arts teacher was out for the day. And instead of her, his support math (or also social studies – when he had social studies) teacher was there. I wasn’t expecting to have six people sit in during this meeting. It made me incredibly nervous. I held my composure and did my best.

We discussed how Nick was failing Math and it was also brought up that Nick had a D- in language arts. I explained that was due to ONE assignment and that he was working on redoing that assignment but hasn’t heard from his teacher regarding the make up so he hasn’t had the chance to do that and increase his grade.

I explained that Nick was grounded from everything and that we were working incredibly hard at home to bring his grades up.

His science teacher explained that Nick was an ‘absolute delight and spoke very mature for his age’. She praised his ability to raise his grade from the F he had to the C that he brought it up to. She explained there was ONE more assignment that he still needed to turn in and get his grade even higher and I knew exactly which one she was going to say. “The water cycle test – on the blue paper – the one with my signature – that he needed to make the corrections on? That’s in his binder. I’ve been telling him to turn that in for weeks now and he just won’t do it. I even put it in the front pocket of his binder like it’s RIGHT there, just turn it in!” She said “That’s the one! lol I will ask him for it when we are in class today.” Of course, she did, he turned it in, and ended up with a B- in the class now. Which he got cocky about. Go figure.

The math support teacher was very supportive and said some nice things about Nick. She said that his first worksheets in her class were scored VERY low and she was deeply concerned. However, when he did the ‘probe’ or the benchmark assignment he brought his grade up 12 points! She said it was a HUGE improvement and she was very impressed.

The science teacher expressed her concerns about his wasting his time on the iPad once again. I asked if there was a way to just take the damn thing away! He obviously has no control and is very impulsive when it comes to it, then take it away! I go if you cannot take it away because I know IXL and eBackpack are done on the iPad for Math, plus you use emails and everything else for it, can’t you take away the browser? I explained he is CONSTANTLY sending me emails with images that he has searched online for no reason! And every single time he sends me something I tell him, “Nick. You’re not using your time wisely. Pay attention in class. Do you work. Make up your assignments. Do your best. Get your grades up.” etc. The guidance counselor was pleased with the fact that I try to get him back on track when he’s emailing me.

Then there was the math teacher. My god this guy was a complete ass. He just presented himself with a dick demeanor. He was quick to correct the fact that the night before Nick did NOT do his homework like I had said he spent 2 hours doing (which Nick said he did) and correct me in telling me that Nick in fact spent 4 minutes total on the assignment instead of the 30 minutes required. He also explained Nick needs help with reading comprehension and I asked, “Ok. How do I get him to practice that? Is there an app on his iPad?” They gave me two websites that Nick can go to and practice his reading. The math teacher was also quick to mention that maybe I should stay on top of him when it comes to the iPad and have him sit DIRECTLY next to me at ALL times while being on it. I’m sorry but I shouldn’t HAVE to babysit Nick EVERY SINGLE SECOND while he’s on his iPad. I mean, I will if it comes down it if he’s not using his time wisely but it’s a bit ridiculous. He also explained that I can check this and that to make sure the assignments are done. Fine. Whatever.

The science teacher said that Nick is one her ‘anglers’. He is constantly angling his iPad a certain way so she can’t see what he’s doing. Or he’s VERY sneaky in changing the window that he’s looking in. She said he’s a sneaky one and that it will be difficult to stay on top of his homework when it involves the iPad if he’s not directly right next to me.

In the end, I was very pleased with how the conference turned out. Math teacher is a dick. Guidance counselor was kind and gave some insight of some of the things he tells Nick – which Nick explained he didn’t like telling her things “because she never says what I want to hear she always says some crazy stuff”. Maybe that’s what you need Nick. The science teacher was nice and very impressed with his capabilities of raising his grade from an F to an now B-. She said she definitely saw a change and that change was my involvement. The support teacher said she’d watch a little more carefully in how he’s staying on track in her class.

It went well. I was please. I got some solutions as to how I can continue to stay on top of things at home and work towards getting Nick some better grades.

I ended up going to urgent care later on in the afternoon. I went to the one by the house but their X-ray machine was down so I had to drive to the one by the old house. Ugh. The wait when I called was only 15 minutes, by the time I got there it was up to 45 minute wait. I got in and they did x-rays – 10 to be exact. It ended up not being broken but an inversion sprain. Let me tell you it still hurts like hell. They gave me a lace up splint and offered crutches but I didn’t take those. I’ve been icing it and taking Tylenol.

This morning was interesting with grocery shopping. I hobbled around the grocery store. That wasn’t entirely too terrible because I had the cart to hold on to. I ended up spending WAY too much on groceries though. $162 for about 1.5-2 weeks worth of groceries. I really wanted to only buy about a weeks worth because I found shopping for two weeks never works out. I ended up getting quite a bit of meats though. Two 3lb packages of ground turkey, an 8lb pork loin, chicken thighs, and my splurge item – a ham steak. I printed off a new spreadsheet for my planner for grocery budgeting. I think I can make it work. It has which store I went to, how much I spent, how much I saved, how many items I bought, how many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and snacks I got. Just gotta remember to fill it out every time. I wound up with 16 dinners not including the leftovers they will give me. So that was good! Just gotta stay out of the store next week and only get milk, eggs, and bread.

Tonight is Mikhail’s conferences. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. He’s normally our A student but you never know what the teacher is going to have to say. His progress report wasn’t all that GREAT. It was all just ‘average’ which kinda surprised me. Especially since he’s in a reading I level. Which only two other students in his grade are that high. He meets with the ‘talented and gifted’ teacher every Tuesday. *shrugs* Guess we’ll see how it goes.


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