I am going to do my best to write this blog post. My attention span is one of a three year old right now. I’m tired. I am bored. I just can’t.

This past week has been absolutely exhausting. I last wrote about how Mikhail was really sick. He averaged a 103 fever for days. I was under the impression he had meningitis for a little while. We rushed him to the doctor and even though he had every symptom but was still able to move his neck, he didn’t have it. I didn’t know that that was the number one symptom of meningitis and was the deal breaker. He had everything else. He was sensitive to light, a high fever that was up near 103.6 most of the time, he had the headaches, he was in and out of consciousness for a while there. He had no recollection of what was going on around him. He was just out of it. We took him to urgent care and the doctor diagnosed him with a slight ear infection and put him on Augmentin. That was on Wednesday. I managed to get him in to the doctor during Nick’s annual too. His primary doctor said no infections anywhere so antibiotics would just ensure he wouldn’t become infected somewhere but isn’t necessary. Which is fine because he has eaten maybe a handful of food since Monday.

Today is the first day he’s gone longer than a few hours without a fever. So there is progress being made. He has a slight cough now that I’m keeping an eye on though. We have heard of a bunch of people who has had this and had fevers for over a week. He’s slowly starting to feel better so I just want keep an eye on him.

Last night was a mess. First we had my dad and Linda watching the boys while we went to Mike’s company Christmas party. Well, they had bowling and my brother would watch them during those few hours while they bowled. Since Mikhail was sick, I didn’t want to make Tommy have to worry about his well being. So, I asked my mom. She offered to not go to work and watch the boys over at our house so Mikhail didn’t need to worry about leaving and we didn’t have to worry about Tommy watching them. Well, she backed out at the last minute. I said, fine, whatever. I just won’t go then. Well, Lynn wasn’t having any of that so she asked Mike’s brother to just check in on the boys throughout the night and keep an ear open otherwise they could stay home ‘alone’. I was super worried but obliged.

We got all ready. I fed Nick and gave Mikhail his final dose of tylenol. He had been pretty much without a fever for a few hours so there was some hope. Mike asked me on the way to the hall what kind of drink I was going to have because he knew I was freaking out inside.

We got there, I had a whiskey sour and relaxed a little bit. Nick called me twice. We watched “Comedy Sports” then they gave away the prizes. Mike won a $50 VISA gift card. I wound up exhausted. I was just soooo tired. The days prior I had been sleeping in Mikhail’s bed and waking up every hour or so. I was just wiped. We came home and Mike went online and I watched their stream while laying in bed. It was the first night that I slept in my bed the entire night and Mikhail didn’t wake up minus screaming in his sleep every few moments for the first few hours of laying down. The boys didn’t kill each other while we were gone.

Ok. Attention span of a 3 year old has kicked in. I’m going to go do some thing. I have such a long laundry list of stuff that needs to be done before Christmas and I don’t have any energy to do it. I managed to fold our clothing and clean up the horrendous mess that was my bedroom early today. I got to Target too.

I’ll write again soon hopefully. May or may not be before Christmas.

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