Omg. It’s nearly two weeks after we’ve gone to Disney and I’m only on day four of my trip report. These are hard to write but I want to do it so I always have a memory to look back at. So here goes my best effort to remember what we did almost two weeks later.

Monday, October 23rd, 2017 – Animal Kingdom and two dining reservations

We started off Monday morning kinda tired. We had such a busy day the day before that we weren’t ready to start today. First thing on the agenda was Trails End Buffet for breakfast. We had almost all 12 of us there minus Mike’s Uncle Jeff who wasn’t feeling up for a buffet breakfast. Here we are seated at separate tables.

I didn’t take any more photos from breakfast. I had biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns, eggs, Mickey waffles with blueberry syrup, and some fruit. Probably not worth the cost of the buffet but oh well. The boys ate a decent amount of food too so that was good.

After breakfast, we met back at the camper and got ready to embark on our next journey to Animal Kingdom.

We had fast passes to use up. First up was “It’s Tough To Be A Bug.” Mikhail loved it this time around. Nick was scared to death of the spider part. *SPOILER ALERT* He survived. Here are the boys waiting in line with their glasses.

It was dark so hard to see them in their cool shades. Because we had fast passes the wait was nothing and we were in and out of there no problem. Our next ride was the Kalahari Rapids. Mike has a video of our entire ride. Nick, Lynn, and I all wore ponchos but it didn’t matter because water came up and splashed me on my side right in between the front and back of the poncho anyway. Matt and Mackenzie got it the worse.

After that, we had some time to kill before our next fast pass which was Dinosaur. Nick threw a tantrum about riding on it and even though we assured him it would be fine and it doesn’t go fast he wanted nothing to do with it. We were unsure of how Mikhail would be on it but judging the fact that he did so well on all the other rides he seemed like he’d be fine.

While waiting, Mikhail wanted to ride a few of the Dino-themed rides. Lynn volunteered to take him on the Triceratops Spin. He was so tired that he couldn’t even stand in line.

That was one tired little boy. He had a busy previous day and it was only going to get busier.

Mackenzie offered to take Mikhail on the next ride. Unfortunately, I don’t have the name or any pictures of it. It was a mini-spinning rollercoaster with a dino theme. Mikhail came off with a huge smile on his face and Mackenzie yelled, “NEVER AGAIN!” LOL, it was great. It was time for our fast passes. Nick was still throwing a fit about the ride so I told him I’d sit off with him. Everyone else went on the ride and Nick and I sat out at the exit and waited for him. One by one, groups of people came off the ride. Ages ranged from very young to very old. Nick started to regret not going on it because he saw everyone’s smiling faces and he thought of himself as a wuss because here he was missing out because he was scared. I told him maybe next time. Here’s the ride photo from the other ones:

Mike knew where the camera took the photograph, lol. While Nick kicked himself in the behind the rest of the day, we headed out. We came, we conquered and we were ready to head out of the park for the day. We parted ways with intentions of heading to Walmart to get more bottled water. Lynn, George, Matt, and Mackenzie went their separate ways and we went ours. We went to Walmart and got some bottled water and a few odds and ends. Then Mike decided to surprise the boys with something special.

One of the requests Mikhail had before we went was that he mentioned the World’s Largest Mc Donald’s and Play Place was in Orlando. He mentioned it without much thought that Dad would actually take him there.

It was around 2 pm, so after lunchtime, and we had 8 pm dinner reservations so we didn’t want to go overboard and eat a ton. The boys were getting pizza that night so we decided to head to there. Mikhail was so excited when we arrived. He was hesitant but asked if he could play in the play place. We told him not for long but we wanted him to be able to say “I played in the World’s Largest Mc Donald’s Play Place!”

They had fun. We had time to kill before our dinner reservation so we did some quick looping. It started to rain.

We grabbed our sodas and headed back to the camper to stay dry. Lynn and I decided to use the downtime to get some laundry done. We rode the golf cart to the comfort station and did laundry. This took up about two hours of our time. We had a bag of clean clothes ready.

Next up was Ohana. We took the kids across the road to Cheryl and Jeff’s and jump in our cars and went to my favorite hotel in the world, not just Disney World. We went to the Polynesian Resort and Hotel. All-things-Hawaiian. Tiki’s, pineapples, and palms. We had dinner reservations for OHANA. Which was a family-style all-you-can-eat meal that was served at your table? I’ll just tell you the menu then post the pictures.

  • Pineapple coconut bread
  • potstickers, sticky wings, these DELICIOUS noodles, and stir-fry vegetable
  • skewers upon skewers of as much steak, chicken, and shrimp from the grill
  • then the best bread pudding dessert ever!

All of it was to die for delicious. I ate. I didn’t eat until I hated myself but I ate my money’s worth. I could have probably eaten an entire tray of the bread pudding by myself.

We even had a view of the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom. It was all so good and delicious. I enjoyed every bite and I can guarantee we end up doing it again depending on what we can do with the kids next time.

We ended the night here with full bellies. We took some photos in the lobby where they changed everything unfortunately and headed ‘home’. We didn’t last awake too long before we were fast asleep. Tomorrow is the Halloween Party and a very laid back morning for us.

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