We’re almost towards the end. I may or may not finish off this trip report in this post. We’ll see how I feel.

Friday, October 27th, 2017 – Cocoa Beach

Today is the day. The one thing Mike showed interest in doing this entire trip. He wanted to take the boys to the ocean. We didn’t know if we were going to the coast or the gulf side. We ended up going to the coast side because it was much shorter of a ride and just easier.

We decided to go to Cocoa Beach. Both of us had previously been there at least once in our lifetimes and Mike really wanted to take the boys to say they swam in the ocean. We packed up our stuff and headed out around 9:30 am – much later than Mike had anticipated but he didn’t care too much.

We drove the 1.5 hours to the coastline. We had issues with parking but we made it. We got to the beach and the boys took it all in. We got them all situated and told them to have at it and go swim. We warned them not to go out too far. They loved it.

They went out as far as Dad allowed. Mike creeped out a little further each time. All of a sudden, a wave, out of NOWHERE, came and crashed over Mike’s head. WHOOSH! There went his $300 Ray-Ban sunglasses. They were gone. He exclaimed for the rest of the trip, “Most expensive trip to the beach EVER!” He was upset but in good spirits about it. He said it was his own fault and he knew he had no one to blame but himself and didn’t hold it against anyone else for the action happening. I applauded him for that. He’s come a long way, lol.

I took some pictures but I didn’t want to go near the water with my phone even though I had a waterproof phone. Mike was a little more ballsy about it. I’m just going to post the pictures we took. The better quality ones are Mike’s.


There are a lot of more photos of Mikhail in the water because Nick got out once Mike started taking pictures. Mikhail was loving it!

We were at the beach for two hours before headed back to the car. Nick needed to the restroom so we headed into a small diner we were parked in front of and he went. We headed back to the campground. Mike got to accomplish the one thing he wanted to be done this trip so it was a success.

We got back to the camper and we were STARVING. We ended up grabbing our mugs and gift cards and ordered a “Giddy-Up-And-Go” meal and a cheeseburger for Nick. The meal meant to be enough for four was enough to feed Mike, Mikhail, and I. Nick ate his burger. I don’t know if that’s what was planned for that night but we were so hungry we didn’t care. We just needed food and that’s what we ended up doing.

Later that night we did more looping and went to bed early.

Tomorrow is our last full day. We planned on laying low and just packing up our stuff. In fact, I didn’t take any pictures so I guess I’m going to just finish up this trip report on this page instead of making another page out of it.

Saturday, October 28th, 2017 – Packing day

So, Saturday we woke up very leisurely. Matt and Mackenzie departed last night and today we had no plans other than just packing up and somehow making room in our luggage for everything. We had about 20lbs of candy, a huge bag of dirty laundry, and a ton of souvenirs. We had a fifty pound limit per luggage. I was going to do laundry and just repack everything nicely. No one seemed to like that idea so Mike literally took all the dirty laundry and just crammed it into every single suitcase as well as he could.

We ended up going to Cast Connection one last time. I found a jacket and a shirt. Mike didn’t find anything once again. He really didn’t want to spend money at all on this trip. *shrugs* That was his choice, I guess. We returned the car and got dropped off at the camper.

Sorry, this day is all over the place. I didn’t even take pictures of anything. We did some looping. I think we even went swimming one last time. Yes, I do believe we did. It was cool outside and there was no one in the pool.

Otherwise, we spent the day packing and just getting the room ready for departure tomorrow. We had to be out by 9:30 am.

Sunday, October 29th, 2017 – Leaving day

We woke up early – well, earlier than we were used to waking up the entire trip since we were pretty lazy. We got our stuff out and cleaned up the camper as much as we could. There were garbage bags full of garbage all over. We had a garbage bag with our sandals and water shoes. Everything got thrown away. It was $6 in shoes so we weren’t too concerned about it but that wasn’t our intention. I took a picture before we turned in our luggage.

Our luggage was just under 50lbs! Phew!

Now what did we plan on doing? Mike wanted to go to Downtown Disney one last time and get one final thing. It was something for me. Lynn and George followed us shortly after.

We looked at the Oakley sunglasses because Mike had his eyes set on getting a new pair of glasses but decided against it.

Lynn met up with us and we walked very quickly through World of Disney. We were on a mission. We got to our destination, grabbed exactly what we were looking for, when I glanced over and saw a second item that I fell in love with and Mike said, “Get both then.” We had Lynn’s discount so why not. It was like getting two for the price of one, almost.

Here’s what we went through all the trouble of getting:

It’s baby Moana and baby Stitch. Now we just need to find frames and somewhere to hang them. LOL We didn’t think that far ahead.

We were hungry so we stopped and got lunch. The boys got Wolf Gang Puck’s Express and while they waited for their food, I stood in a 30-minute line at Earl of Sandwich for Mike’s and I’s sandwiches. It was a nut house.

We headed back to the campground and sat inside Aunt Cheryl’s camper for a short while before making our way to the front. We got dropped off while Lynn and George dropped off the golf carts while we waited. We were so done. We were ready to be home, in our beds, and to end the vacation and go back to reality. Lynn kept saying “Aw, just one more week…” We didn’t agree. We were done.

Disney is cool. Disney is fun. Vacation is nice. But the reality is nice too. And we were ready to get back to it.

We boarded the Magical Express and headed to the airport. TSA wasn’t terrible and we made our way through that. We got Mc Donald’s to eat while we waited and took a chance that none of us would get an upset stomach from it. We boarded our plane after what felt like forever waiting and we were headed home.

And then before we knew it, we were home. We had successfully went to Disney World as a family and it wasn’t that big of a deal. We survived. In my humble opinion, the boys did a fantastic job. They weren’t greedy and didn’t put up much of a fight about doing this or that.

WE SURVIVED DISNEY WORLD…. all the planning and worrying and making sure we had money. It was over. We did it. Until next time, Disney. Who knows when that will be… probably not for a while. At least not for us.

Hope you enjoyed my trip reports and pictures. I was happy to share my experience with you.


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