We decided to do our own thing today. Today was Matt and Mackenzie’s last full day to get stuff done. Lynn and George had priorities to take some time to spend with Grandma. We didn’t go to Epcot with there rest of them on any of the other days so that was our priority today.

Thursday, October 26th, 2017 – Full day of Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival

We arrived at Epcot around 10 am. It was just Mike, the boys, and I. Our priority was to hit up food first but the boys wanted to do rides. We compromised. We went on a ride with Figment. I don’t know the name of the ride. It was slow and nice. The ENTIRE time Nick was egging me on about “is it fast? Is it scary? I don’t want to ride if you don’t know what it is!” He drove me crazy! We rode it. It was fine. Nick was fine.

Afterward, we did the Pixar Short Films’ showings. We figured we did something for Mikhail, we’d do something for Nick. For some reason, Epcot made Nick’s anxiety spike through the roof. Something about us all dying because of the big ball coming down on us. I don’t know where he got that idea from but I know where he got the anxiety from. We watched the short films and it was time to eat.

Our first place was some place called Flavors of Fire. We got a spicy pancake with sausage, caramelized onions, and maple butter. Mike and I split it.

Next up was this Macaroni and Cheese with Nueske’s bacon for the boys. They ended up not liking it because it had peppers in it and they didn’t care for it at all so I ate all the rest of that. Mike ended up with a potato pancake with salmon and dill sauce on it.

We ended up in Canada where I got my beer cheese soup which no one else wanted so I was stuck eating the entire bowl by myself. I also got Mikhail and Mike the steak. They devoured that.

Mikhail got his second batch of fish and chips:

After that, we walked through and took some pictures in Japan.

We were in a rush and needed to get our fast passes for Test Track, but first, we had to get these GIANT cups of shaved ice in Japan. It was $4 for a huge heaping snowball with whatever juices we wanted.

Oh my god, They were as good as snow and cherry juice could be. It was refreshing and exactly what we needed to refresh our batteries and selves to continue the day.

We went and rode Test Track. Again, Nick drove me crazy with the 300 questions he would ask about the ride being too fast, or too scary. He ended up riding it and afterward, would you believe it, he goes, “Wow. That was fun. I actually liked that.”

Here’s the ride photo we got:

After that, we did a few more rides. We rode Spaceship Earth and waited in that line for about 25 minutes or so. Then we circled around and got lost. We finally found something Nick wanted to try which happened to be the same place Mike’s item was at too. WIN/WIN! We ate those items and after our long day, we ended it with some much-needed coffee. I forgot to mention, we had gone to Starbucks practically everywhere we went. Epcot was no exception. We got Starbucks for what would have been the fourth or fifth time.  The boys got special cupcakes that they had to wait until we were back at the camper to eat and then headed out of the park. We were at Epcot about eight hours total. It was a good, LONG, day.

We went back to the car and made our way back to the camper. We arrived and Mackenzie was like, “Wow, did you guys have a good, long day?” I don’t think anyone was expecting us to be gone that long.

The rest of the night was a laid-back one. The boys were exhausted. I have no other photos from this night and quite frankly remember what we did other than lay low and just go looping for a while. It was beautiful out and we may have even needed our sweatshirts this day. We ended the night just hanging out and going to bed early.

Tomorrow we do something the boys have never done… that up next.

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