Goodness, this is slow going. My apologies to anyone anticipating these trip reports and is reading them as I post along. Now, onward. Today is day five of our trip report. It’s Tuesday. We didn’t feel like going to the park so Lynn, George, Matt, and Mackenzie headed to Epcot. We made a slow journey to begin our day.

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 – Hotel hoping, kinda and then MNSSHP

After the rest of the family went on to their day at Epcot, we decided to take it slow. We slowly made our way to get ready and then decided we would take a little hotel hopping. However, hotel hopping turned in to stopping at our first and only stop: The Contemporary.

The first priority for me was to take a photo in the giant Mickey ears on the back of the hotel. I took a few:

There was a reason why I had to have photos of these particular Mickey ears. I wanted a comparison picture of when we were there five years prior. It was too perfect to have Nick in the exact same position.

What a difference five years makes, huh?

Next, we hit up the two shops on the main floor. I finally found my purse. I took a mental note and sent a picture to Lynn to inform her we found it. (I lost the picture of it. I’m too lazy at this point and time to hunt one down on Facebook.)

We looked around and then headed to the arcade. The boys played for a while. Mike did a few racing games with Mikhail; he played air hockey with Nick.

We then ate a nice lunch at the Contempo Cafe. Mikhail got chicken tenders, Nick got a cheeseburger (finally!), and Mike and I got a flatbread pizza to share. We realized it was pretty small so I went and ordered this toasted turkey sandwich to share too. Both ended up being pretty delicious. I had a really upset stomach all morning so I wasn’t sure how it would react to the food so I didn’t want to overdo it.

It was time to head back and get ready for the big party. We jumped on a boat and headed back to the Fort. Once there, we jumped on the golf cart and back to our site we went.

We got ready and were good to go by 4 pm. Here are Nick and I on the back of the golf cart headed to the boat to the Magic Kingdom.

We rode a bunch of rides. Mikhail even went on a roller coaster, through the que, and rode it all by himself! We got SO much candy. We rode a bunch of rides we hadn’t ridden the other night. Peter Pan’s Flight was one we waited in about a 35-minute long line for. It was worth it because that was the ride Mike and I rode right before he proposed to me so I fond memories of that ride. We did Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin again. We rode It’s a Small World. Then the boys were hungry so I got them food and we got split up. They had pretty awesome seats for the fireworks but we managed and got to see them too. I suppose I am just going to post all the pictures together of the night.

It was a nice night. The boys were TIRED and ready to roll. It was almost 11:30 by the time we headed out of there after doing a little last minute shopping like getting my purse!

It was a great night but we were beat. Tomorrow ended up not going as planned either. More on that later…


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