Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 – MK, Swimming, and Epcot

Sunday is day three of our trip report. We had a busy day! Two parks in one day! We ended up at the Magic Kingdom and did quite a bit for our first day at the park. We didn’t make it an all-day thing.

We arrived by car around 9ish. It was a good time to get there. We didn’t have any priorities other than to make our first fast pass for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train for George, Mackenzie, and the boys. I snapped a quick picture of the castle here.

Now, I want to gripe here. I was rushed the entire trip. We were constantly on the move. All my photographs were rushed. I tried to take good pictures but 1.) a part of me knew we had the Memory Maker and our ‘good photos’ were going to be taken by the photographers 2.) I wasn’t taking photos for anyone but myself and my own memories. So I knew the photos weren’t going to be great but I did the best I could while constantly being on the go. Here’s the first picture I got of the castle.

We made our way to the Mine Train roller coaster. We figured it would be a good ‘family’ roller coaster to start the boys off. Well, turns out it’s quite the ride. Mikhail LOVED it. Nick pretty much swore off rides afterward and had major issues with every ride afterward. Here are two shots we got from Memory Maker of them being on the ride.

Lynn said those two pictures made the $169 for Memory Maker completely worth it. You can see by Nick’s face he wasn’t having it at all. Mikhail looked freaked in the first picture by the second photo he had his hands up in the air and was loving every moment of it.

Our next ride was Mickey’s Speedway. I didn’t care for it because I suck at go-kart type rides and apparently am a terrible driver. The boys enjoyed it though. It was HOT. The heat started getting to me here but I didn’t say anything and kept trucking on.

Our next attraction was Monster’s, Inc. Laugh Floor. They added a few things to it since the last time I had been there. Like instead of just “That guy” there is also “Sulley”, “Mike”, and “Randall” that are included from the audience. Guess who was Sulley!? MIKE! HAHAHHAH! Oh, it was GREAT. It made the ENTIRE trip. He had to do silly stuff on camera so the whole audience had to see it. He even had to repeat one motion twice and the ‘monster’ said: “I could sit here and watch that all day.” LOL Oh my god, it was hilarious and it was amazing all at the same time. I thanked Mike for being a good sport and he laughed it off. “Ha-ha. I’m glad I could please all of you so much.”

After the Laugh Floor, we headed to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. We got ride photos from here too!

We at some point in time took photos in front of the castle. I think it was as soon as we got there but I forgot. Here are the shots:

Here is where we split up. We all went to eat. I needed something to drink. We ended up Casey’s Corner and ate some hot dogs. We tried saving money by splitting meals as much as we could. Nick wanted the hot dog with macaroni and cheese. Mikhail decided he didn’t want that and wanted corn dogs instead. Mike ended up with the sandwich of the month which was a bratwurst but it was no Wisconsin bratwurst.

I was so hot I wasn’t even hungry but I wasn’t about to give Nick that entire hot dog to himself because he would have eaten the ENTIRE thing and ended up sick. I ate the most I could, Nick ate his entire half plus all the fries. Mikhail had his fair share of fries and all his corn dogs, and Mike said his brat was “eh alright”.

We all met up at Haunted Mansion and rode it. Nick was scared at the beginning but was much better. We were worried about how Mikhail would react and his reaction was, “OMG the effects are SO COOL!” We later found out, he’d be our little thrill-seeker.

After Haunted Mansion we rode Pirates of the Carribean. Mike told me to drink as much water as I had because I was starting to overheat and turn bright red like I do when I become overheated. So while we walked through the dark, quiet, que for PIrates, I was trying to cool down. We went on the ride, Nick, George, Matt, and Mackenzie ended up all wet because they were in the front of the boat. Afterward, we went to the gift shop. I found a Jack Sparrow shirt with Johnny Depp on it.  Mike found a pirate flag for our golf cart.

We were done. Someone mentioned dole whips and we headed that way. Nick tried a swirl dole whip with vanilla soft serve, Mikhail got only vanilla, Mike didn’t get anything, and everyone got a dole whip but me. I had to have something special. I got a dole whip float with pineapple juice. It was so good, cool, and refreshing. It was exactly what I needed to help me cool down.

Afterward, we headed out. It was probably close to 2-3 p.m. Our last ride was the boat ride back to the campground.

For being the first park we went to, we were tired. We were productive though. We rode a good portion of the rides that we would have ridden and got to see most of the park that we wanted to see. I was hot and ready to go cool off.

We got back to the campground and since the boys had been bugging us about it since we got there we decided to please them and took them swimming. Obviously, I didn’t get any photographs of this. We swam for about two hours. We went back to the camper and changed. All of us were cool and ready to finish out the night. Matt had something in mind…

He wanted FISH. Fish from Epcot to be exact. It was about 7 p.m. before we headed on our journey to get to Epcot. First, it was a boat ride to the Magic Kingdom. From there we jumped on the monorail to the ticket and transportation center. From there we jumped on another monorail to Epcot. It was now like 8:15 p.m. and we only had until 9 to get our fish and back out of the park.

We got fish. Mike, Mikhail, and I each got one. We weren’t sure Mikhail would eat his entire one but we really didn’t care much. Nick got chicken tenders. Everyone else got fish. The entire trip up until this point we kept asking Mikhail, “Do you remember this?” and he always answered “no”.

He took one bite of the fish and in his most OMG voice he goes, “I REMEMBER THIS!!!!!!!” He devoured it the last time we were there when he was four years old. It was the first thing he remembered and he was overjoyed. He ended up eating three HUGE pieces of fish. Afterward, we walked through the park with a full belly. We stopped in France for dessert. Matt and Mackenzie ended up getting some French cafe mousse which was similar to tiramisu. Mike went into the ice cream shop and got some French ice cream which he thought was so good that when we went back on Thursday he got again. We noted they had macron ice cream sandwiches. I got him to the Eiffel Tower. We took pictures in front of it.

We made our way slowly out of the park. We didn’t have a big rush to leave. The boys were really tired and just wanted to be back. We stopped to watch the fireworks show before leaving.

After that, we headed out of the park. Made our way on the monorails, and then on the boat. I thought for sure Mikhail would fall asleep on the boat ride but he was a trooper and stayed awake. It was a LONG day. Tomorrow was going to be just as busy. We had a park in mind and two dining reservations to make.

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