Day two of our trip report was supposed to be a lazy day around Disney. We ended up doing way more than I expected to do. No one complained and everyone, well not everyone, was feeling rested and ready to begin their vacation.

Very quickly I’m going to make a key of who is who in this post:

Mike – my fiance and partner in crime
Nick – my 14-year-old teenage son
Mikhail – my 8-year-old son
Lynn – Mike’s mom, my future mother-in-law
George – Mike’s dad, my future father-in-law
Matt – Mike’s brother
Mackenzie – Matt’s girlfriend
Aunt Cheryl – Mike’s aunt, Lynn’s sister
Uncle Jeff – Mike’s uncle, Lynn’s brother-in-law
Great Grandma K – Mike’s grandmother
Aunt Ruth – Great Grandma K’s twin sister

Saturday, October 21st, 2017- Cast Connections and “Disney Springs”

We woke up and Lynn and George offered to go to Port Orleans and pick up beignets for breakfast. They brought back sixteen of them. Half of them were regular, the other half were special pumpkin spice. Mike and I both agreed, the pumpkin spice was better. We had got our special reusable resort mugs and got coffee after showering. The boys took a while to awake but were ready to start the day once they were alive.

We decided to go to Cast Connections. It’s the employee discount store for Cast Members only. Mackenzie has never had the chance to go to Cast Connection, so she was excited.

We arrived around 10 a.m. If you can’t tell, we took it really easy this trip – no rushing for us.

We walked through and my first destination was purses. I really wanted to buy a new purse this trip. I had checked out purses on the shop app before we arrived and saw a couple but wasn’t sure what I really wanted. My eyes caught a glimpse of a Dooney and Burkey Mickey and Minnie purse that I thought was cute. There were only two left and they were $129; they were probably originally $350 at the park. I walked around a little bit and contemplated if it was something I really wanted. By the time I got around to them again, one was missing. I went into a panic. “If you want it, you’re going to have to grab it now or it’s going to be gone forever.”  I decided I

didn’t really want it. I walked around some more and found Mike and the boys who didn’t really find much either. Mackenzie came walking up with the other Dooney and Burke purse that was missing. Ah ha! Makes sense. I told her I was eyeing that one up too but decided it wasn’t for me.

We made our purchases. The boys got some miscellaneous stuff. I took one picture while we were there. It’s of a giant Mickey that is in the center of the store where they were selling cedar or cherry oak desks for $5! WHATTT!? I told Mike we needed the big Mickey for the front of the house. He agreed but we decided we had no way of getting Mickey home so we moved on.

After Cast Connections, we headed back to the camper and ate sandwiches for lunch. Mikhail had hot dogs and chips. It was as laid back as we would hope. We decided to head to Downtown Disney, ahem, excuse me, Disney Springs later on that night. But first, we did some looping. Here are some of the photos we took while looping around the golf cart through the campsite loops. Everything was decorated for Halloween.

After looping a while, we decided to live on the dangerous side. We headed to Downtown Disney. We got there and it was PACKED! We walked through some of the stores. Nick absolutely HAD to go through Star Wars Trading Post and Mikhail’s must-do included going into the Lego Store.

We made our way through various shops. We stopped at Earl of Sandwich and got a bite to eat. It was OK. Definitely not worth the hype that everyone made it out to be the “BEST SANDWICH EVER!” Mike and I got two sandwiches and split them so we could try both. After that, we did more shopping.

We found a photobooth in the pin trading store! It was the first time we would be able to use our Memory Maker that we purchased.

That was the only photo booth we found. So those were all we got. I was so happy to have gotten Mike in one though. It was one of the things on my bucket list – Get Mike in a photo booth and take pictures with me. They turned out great because I was being goofy and I got him to crack a smile and enjoy himself. 

Lastly, we went into the really expensive crystal and glass store and Mike and Mikhail could stand and stare at the glass sculpture guy for hours if they could.

We finally headed to the Lego store where we temporarily lost Mike because everyone was moving around and not staying in the same place and he didn’t have his phone so he got crabby. We headed out after that. We couldn’t’ decide why it was so busy until it dawned on me, “HELLO IT’S SATURDAY!” Smh. Disney Springs on a Saturday, what were we thinking!?

Back to the camper and ready for bed. Mike and I switched spots on the bed because there was a table at the foot of the air mattress where the air mattress tucked underneath and Mike didn’t fit from head to toe without hitting his feet on the table. Unfortunately, having me sleep on this side meant everytime I woke up to go to the bathroom it woke him up – which was typically one to two times a night. Needless to say, we didn’t sleep well the first few nights. After that, it was a matter of survival and pure exhaustion that got us to sleep at all.

Tomorrow is a park day and a VERY busy one at that.

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