Okay, so this page is going to consist of the MOST RANDOM PIXELS EVER! Like I had previously stated, I was apart of the signature pixel world for a long time. I created a LOT of pixels and such. This is some of the stuff that I had made. Please be considerate of these graphics. I do ask that if you want to use something, please comment and ask. I worked extremely hard on these, more so than any of the other graphics you’ve seen on my showcase. Please respect my rules.


Download Frog Emoticons Here

Download Snowman Emoticons Here

Download Star Emoticons Here

OMG! I had SO many more … unfortunately, they’re all in formats for Paint Shop Pro – I’m going to have to redownload PSP and copy those to be Photoshop images. My apologies everyone. I’ll be doing that eventually. I cannot believe that I didn’t think of that. I promise there are so many more. Someday I’ll get all those up too.

(written on December 09th, 2012) I have been a pixeling machine!!! I have been getting visions and images in my head of things I want to create in pixels and VIOLA! There we are with three awesomely pixeled headers. Click on the pictures to see full size. I worked INCREDIBLY hard on these and it really shows. I have had some great feedback from friends on Facebook while working on these to make them the best they could be. I honestly cannot express how proud I am with how far I’ve come and how well I’ve been doing with it. Check these out!