I made TONS of glitters in my day. I loved making them. They were fun. It kept me busy for hours. Unfortunately, they became … what’s the word … annoying. They were apart of the Myspace phenomenon. I will admit, I was also apart of it. I loved, and I mean, LOVED making these. They help me put a spin on my own unique way of doing things. Unfortunately, everything I started doing, was starting to be copied. Everyone’s techniques were copied. It got to a point where there were thousands upon thousands of Myspace & Glitter sites (there still very well could be now) that it was just too much. There were so many out there that people were overwhelmed. Nothing I did was any better than what she did. Nothing she did was nothing better than what someone else did. There were too many of them around the net – they died off. At least for me they did.

If you want to use any of these, please just link back to the main page (  The only purpose of having these shown on EA is simply to showcase some of my earlier work – please don’t expect me to continue to make these nor update this page.

Please note: I’m not entirely sure why some of the glitters are showing normally and others are all jacked up. Maybe its because I had the WordPress Smush.It plug in to help make things run faster. My apologies for this.





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