Design Showcase

I have been designing and creating web graphics since I was 12 years old. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the images or graphics I created when back then, but I do have some more recent ones I’d like to share. I’ve been at this for 10 years. Every single year my creativity and ability grows more and more. I’ve grown a lot more professional when it comes to my designs.

I’ve also gone through all the fads. Cartoon Palace Dolls, Glitters, Myspace Graphics, Backgrounds, “Content Sites”, etc. I’ve done it all. I’ve decided to show off my previous work. While I don’t intend on anyone using these – if you want to, go for it, just please link back – I thought it would be nice to display in a looking time machine type of way.

Below you’ll find some of my various creations. Some of these graphics and designs are as old as three years and as new as a few months ago.  I like to believe I’ve matured in my capabilities to design; I suppose you can be the judge of that.




Hand-Made Dolls


Myspace Graphics


Screenshots – Previous Layouts

Signatures – for message boards

Web Graphics

Like stated in a lot of the pages above. This is simply a showcase of my previous work. I don’t intend on making more graphics to be added here. IF I happen to make more, I’ll notify everyone to let you know more are up. If you chose to use anything shown here, please notify me by commenting below and linking back. That’s all I ask.