The death plague has not escaped us. Now Mike has got it. He’s achy, and has a sore throat, stuffy nose, and headaches. He just went to the doctor to get checked up and make sure there is no infection anywhere. I haven’t heard back from him yet so I’m unsure of how it went. I hope he get’s only a tiny taste of what Mikhail and I had. It seems as it has passed from person to person it has dwindled down so hopefully he gets only the tail-end of it.

What else is going on? My mom is planning a Christmas gathering with Krystal, Sarah, and our families on the 16th over at my house. I offered to have it because 1.) my mom doesn’t have room in her house for all 13 of us. 2.) my mom smokes like a chimney in a closed up house. We’re talking two packs a day between her and Mike in a house that has no open windows. It STINKS! This, however, is not the main reason why we won’t go over there. Honestly, she has one couch and one chair. If her and Mike are home, that leaves literally two cramped spots to sit. I have four people in my family, Sarah has three, and Krystal has four. All of that equals way more than just two seats. So, we’re having it at my house. Meanwhile, I have been cleaning around the house. I haven’t gone full blown cleaning spree because it’s next weekend and there’s no sense in making it spotless than ripping my hair out trying to KEEP it spotless. My mom intends to bring over her entire kitchen and then some on Friday, then the refrigerated food on Saturday. She’s cooking an entire turkey dinner. *shrugs* Whatever floats her boat. She’s a bit upset that it’s not going to be at her house but she’s come around quite a bit.

So yea, I’ve been somewhat cleaning around the house. I have four loads of laundry upstairs that need to be folded and put away. I also have a bedroom to clean up because there’s tons of shit all over the place! Then the entire downstairs needs to be done. The living room needs a major overhaul of all the random, miscellaneous shit that’s laying around that needs to find a home. The kitchen needs to a good scrub down too. All will get done with good time. I’m still trying to get back on track from the kids being home for a week for Christmas vacation and then Mikhail being home for over 2 weeks from being sick. All with good time… right?

Otherwise, not a whole heck of a lot has been going on.

OH! I am writing an ebook! So far it’s nearly 6000 words (or 27 pages on Word) and it’s a guide to entering sweepstakes and Twitter parties. There are a few competitions on Amazon right now but I think I could do well with this. It’s all written it just needs to be proof-read over and over again. I’ll recruit a few friends to read it and do corrections on it also.

Sweepstakes and Twitter parties have been going well! I have not won yet this year so far, but I’m only a week in and I’m trying my best! I feel really confident about this year. I’m going to win! I know with all the hard work I plan on putting in to it, it will pay off. I say this with confidence and not cockiness. There’s a difference. I’m trying this new approach of having a positive attitude. I know that as long as I stick with it, I will win eventually. So yippee!

I suppose I should really get off my ass and attempt to go do something. Ugh! So unmotivated! Talk to you all again soon.

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