There are hundreds, if not thousands of websites available with loads of resources and information regarding coupons, freebies, deals, and shopping in general. Here are a few of my absolute favorites. I have credited them often around various places on my site because I found a lot of very useful information there that I wanted to share here at CnC. I figured I’d give them a special place.

Hot Coupon WorldURL – An online message board which includes hours upon hours of information. If you’re new to the couponing world, this is the place to start. Please be forewarned, you will become very overwhelmed, very quickly. There is a lot of stuff on this site and you will not know where to begin! My advice to new viewers is to start off reading The Community Rules, then introduce yourself at the Welcome Wagon. After you’ve done that, go ahead and start reading “Getting Started – Couponing Basics for New Members. You’ll probably spend a good day or two taking everything in. Once you’ve done that, I say go read the boards for your most shopped stores, get familiar and comfortable there, and then add more on.

Like I said, its a bit overwhelming but if you take in a little at a time, and don’t worry about knowing everything and anything right away. There are people out there who have been doing this for years and they are still learning new information. I honestly believe you can never know “everything there is to know” about couponing. One step at a time!

A Full CupURL – Just like “Hot Coupon World” this is an online message board/community. Start off in the “New to Full Cup” section. This is where you will find a place to introduce yourself and all the “101 articles” that will teach you stockpiling, couponing, and everything happening at AFC. Same advice here; Start off reading information about your most shopped stores after getting yourself introduced and comfortable in the “New Readers” section.