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Pick ‘n Save Coupon Policy
(I emailed Pick ‘n Save directly and this is the response I received.)

    Thank you for contacting us with your questions. In regard to our policies with different types of coupons please be advised of the following:

    Do you accept expired coupons? Generally we do not accept expired coupons, although you can always check with your local Pick ‘n Save Food store.

    Can store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons be combined? Most coupons cannot be combined with other offers. However, you can always seek verification about whether particular coupons can be combined from your local store.

    Do you accept printable coupons from the Internet? Below we have provided general guidelines for Internet “Cents Off” coupons. Due to the large number of fraudulent Internet coupons circulating, we need to make you aware that the acceptance of Internet coupons is up to the discretion of the Store Director. The following are general guidelines we use to verify authenticity.

    Coupons can be printed in color or black & white as long as the following items appear on the coupon:

  • The words “Manufacturer Internet Coupon or Manufacturers Instant Coupon” reads across the top
  • URL address of the distributing website should be visible (usually on bottom of coupon)
  • A watermark (shaded in gray over the original copy) of some type e.g. the words “Internet Coupon” or “Outlined Character” right of the product logo
  • A scanable bar code
  • Billing address (where the coupon needs to be billed by our clearing house)
  • The customers name who is redeeming the coupon
  • A unique pin number can identify the shopper who redeemed the coupon
  • Please note that “Free Product” Internet coupons (in any format) are not acceptable.

Do you ever have double-coupon days? We have been running double coupon days recently
on Wednesdays. With regard to the double coupon days, up to 5 manufacturer coupons with a value of $1.00 or less can be doubled. Customers are required to use their Shoppers Club Cards to participate in this promotion. The minimum purchase required is $25.00 after tax and store coupons. Manufacturer coupons for alcohol or tobacco products are not accepted and cash back is not provided. We do ask that you contact the store to confirm.

We hope that this information is helpful to you.
Susan Cashis
Customer Experience Representative

“Double Daze” (Found at HotCouponWorld)

    “Double Daze” is Pick ‘n Save’s doubling coupon day. Manufacturers’ coupons will only be doubled on Wednesday’s.Customers must present their Advantage Plus Savers Club Card at the time of checkout to double manufacturers’ coupon values. Customers must spend $25 in a single transaction to double manufacturers’ coupons. ($25 is before tax, and after store coupons Advantage Plus Savers Club discounts.) NO expired coupons accepted. Only manufacturers’ coupons with a face value of $1.00 and under can be doubled. A LIMIT OF 5 manufacturers’ coupons in total can be doubled. No Cash back will be given. Does not apply to manufacturers’ coupons that are not valid for doubling. Does not apply to alcohol and tobacco manufacturers’ coupons.

Contacting Pick ‘n Save

    You can contact the Customer Experience Center.
    Monday through Friday – 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM

    Otherwise you can go to their Contact Page and send an email from their page, specifically to your favorite store.

Please be sure to ask your specific store for their policy! These are general rules but every store is subject to be different in their own rules and specified policies.
Do you have a question about any information here or not seen here? I’ll do my best to answer! Please Email me at: admin@coffeencoupons.com or fill out the form on my Contact Page.