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Kmart Double Coupon Policy

  • Maximum value of coupon to be doubled is $2 (doubled up to but not exceeding $4).
  • Amount of credit from [doubling or tripling] a coupon cannot exceed the retail price of an item.
  • No cash or in-store purchase credit (overage) will be awarded for any amount exceeding the retail price of the item.
  • Limit 1 coupon for each item purchased.
  • Only 1 coupon will be [doubled or tripled] per item.
  • You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons.
  • Coupons do not apply to sales tax.
  • Limit 25 coupons per customer per day.
  • Offer excludes products prohibited by law, including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medication.
  • Not valid on non-merchandise, federal or state regulated items, prior purchases, Lands End, Sears merchandise rung on Sears registers within Kmart and
  • In the event of a return, coupon savings may be deducted from refund.
  • Also, we would like people to refrain from discussing the doubling of BOGO coupons as well (buy one get one), B2G1, ect.

Kmart Coupon Policy

    No one has an actual coupon policy listed from Kmart – Please contact your direct store for their rules and guidelines.

    Does Kmart accept Internet Printable coupons? K-mart stores each have their own policy. Most stores do accept internet printed coupons.

    Does Kmart except expired coupons? No.

    If an item is below the price of the coupon – ex. .99 item, 1.00 coupon, can the coupon be modified to reflect .99 so the item may be purchased? No.

    Does Kmart except a Kmart coupon in addition to a manufacturer’s coupon on each item purchased? We except one or the other at time of sale.

Contact Kmart

    Kmart does accept manufactures coupons for the face value of the coupons.

    If you have any questions or concerns, here is Kmart’s contact info.
    Phone: 1-866-KMART-4U (1-866-562-7848)
    from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. (CT) Monday – Sunday. Or, call your local store.


Please be sure to ask your specific store for their policy! These are general rules but every store is subject to be different in their own rules and specified policies.
Do you have a question about any information here or not seen here? I’ll do my best to answer! Please Email me at: or fill out the form on my Contact Page.