H3068_1136989578784_1048707804_399401_4258010_nere you can find all the current freebies that have been posted around the web in various places. I will do my best to delete and remove all expired freebies.  I have recieved a lot of awesome stuff in the mail from freebies that I have come across. One of my best freebies included a “gift bag” courtesy of Fitness Magazine and CVS. All I had to do was text message in a word to a phone number at the specific time, and I got a bag full of goodies.  I’ll also do my best to provide a weekly recap of all the freebies you could found that week. Check back here often to find more!

Please note: A lot of freebies are very limited in supply. Some might have expired and/or ran out before I could remove them from the list. If this is ever the case, please contact me and let me know of these changes. Of course, you can always email me directly at Thank you in advance for informing me of any changes. Also, thanks for understanding if you come across an expired freebie.


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