So, I was cut short last night with my entry. I had a few other things I wanted to talk about.


So, work has been going alright. I had a really bad day on Thursday. I was duped by a con artist. The guy was a fast talker and knew exactly what he was doing. He was quick and said all the right things and very distracting. He knew exactly how to get me to do what he wanted me to do and was at a professional level. I ended up doing almost everything I was supposed minus one technicality, that was checking his VALID Id. His ID had a crack in it and was missing one number, which he read off to me, making it an invalid ID for a $107 non-receipted return. My fuck up. I was beating myself up over it the rest of the day. My manager goes, “Did you learn something today?” I was like well, yeah… He said that was all that mattered then. He said these guys are professional and he would send an email to the surrounding stores about him so if he comes in to return the ink for CASH he wouldn’t get it. That made me feel a little better. Still, it sucked.

In other news about work, I managed to schedule off from the 20th until the 2nd of this month. I didn’t intend on having such a long vacation but they gave me off on Thursday too so instead of the 23rd – 2nd, I got off the 20th to the 2nd. Score! I am not complaining! Sure, it’s going to all be unpaid but *shrugs*, that’s OK by me. Mike’s taking off some of those days too so I get to spend time with him and the boys. I can go without a massive paycheck for two weeks as long as my bills are paid, that’s all that matters.

Speaking of bills

I managed to get myself into a little bit of debt this holiday season. Nothing serious, all manageable. I decided I am going to do the snowball debt effect. With that being said, if I didn’t work I could pay off my bills, debt, Christmas, and any other inquiries with continuing to use my cards by November of next year. I know that makes it sound like I spent some ridiculous amount on Christmas this year but not true. It was simply by putting away bare minimum payments towards the bills so it may even take a few fewer months if I pay extra but that all depends on what happens with this job situation.

Job situation

So, it’s getting close…

A few more weeks and I find out my fate. A few more weeks and I get to apply for a new job at my old place of employment and see if I can get out of OM. I am preparing myself for everything. No interview and being shot down without even a chance. An interview that goes poorly and being shot down. A good interview but things don’t work out in the end. A great interview and a job offer. A great interview, a job offer, but conflicting schedules. Good interview, job offer, and start date that happens WAY too quickly so the schedules definitely conflict. Or everything works out in the end and all is happy and I end up not remembering how it was truthfully and I end up hating it. All possibilities. I’m trying to think of this in the best outlook though because I really want this to work out.

I even recalled all the bad days I had when I worked there… preparing myself for the worse. The angry, rude callers I had. “No, sir, you have to wait THREE business days before digging…” I can do this. I have a good attitude. I have been overly cheerful at OM and happy with all my customers and haven’t had some really bad ones there because of my attitude so I should be alright.

Guess time will tell all… I have no idea what the outcome of this is going to be, but like I said, I’m preparing myself for the best and the worse.

Well, that’s it for now I guess I will talk to you all later.

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  1. Sheri says:

    I’m glad to see you’re still writing. Even though I can keep up with you on FB, it’s nice to see a recap here. <3

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