Last I wrote I was freaking out about the fact that Mike would be leaving for Vegas at some point this week. Well, he went back to work on Monday after having a sore throat which was diagnosed as tonsillitis, a slight headache, a minor fever, and a cold-in-his-eye which looked like pink eye.  He was pretty miserable and after going to the doctor last Thursday, she gave him permission to stay home until Monday. He figured he had almost an entire round of antibiotics in his system and while his eye was still pink he shouldn’t have been contagious anymore. So, we had no idea what was going to happen when he returned to work on Monday regarding Vegas. We were hoping he’d go back and receive lots of answers, a timeline, and a date in which he was leaving AND coming back.

After going to work on Monday, and coming home, we determined we were no where further along in answers than we started with that morning. He found out nothing new other than he more than likely was not going to Vegas this week. Now they’re talking about his dad coming back first, then he would go out there. I have no idea. It’s honestly a big cluster fuck of nonsense. Mike was pretty crabby (understandably so) Monday afternoon but came home in an alright mood Monday night, which I greatly appreciated.

Tuesday was a whole lot of more of nothing being said regarding the matter. Mike ended up leaving work at 5:30 to go pick up his glasses at the eye doctor which is roughly 20-25 minutes away. He found out as he left work, they closed at 6, so he rushed to the office as quickly as he could with hopes he’d make it there in time. He successfully got his glasses and was a happy boy yesterday.

So, yea. That’s what is going on regarding the “Big Trip”. No answers. No clue what’s going on. Still possible talks of him going … eventually … but no serious talks as to when or exact dates and times. So we’re just like whatever and we’ll figure it out when the time comes I guess. Once again my anxiety and worrying overtook me for absolutely no reason. Well, not without reason, but overly extended it’s visit for useless reasons.

Gotta get the house in order…

I have to get this house in order! I thought today was Thursday for some reason. I’m really happy to realize that I have an entire extra day but I have to make sure I utilize this day as much as I can. My plan, which is written in my planner, is that I will detail and clean the entire kitchen today. No matter what, the kitchen has to be done. The living room will take me mere minutes to do, pick up, declutter, find everything’s home, and vacuum – done. The kitchen will be much harder. I have to put away all the dishes in the sink, wash, dry, and put away all the dishes in the other half of the sink, run the dishwasher and put away those dishes, scrub down all the counter tops by moving EVERYTHING and wiping it all down. I need figure out a way to get the oven clean and especially the stove top to be scrubbed down because it’s nasty. I am completely out of magic erasers which is what I use to clean it off. I have to sweep the ENTIRE floor, including under, around, and between everything. Then I have to steam mop everything, which I love my steam mop. It makes life so much easier. I have to wipe down the outside surfaces of all the appliances, small and large. I have to declutter by the stair well going to the basement. I have to find a home for most of the food that’s on the counter top; that will probably end up in the pantry and hidden from plain sight. Then I have to declutter and stuff everything that is on the counter top by the kitchen doorway up in the cabinet and hide all the medication.

I have my work cut out for me. And what am I doing instead of doing all that I listed? Listening to music, drinking coffee, and writing a blog post. LOL Whoops. I figure this… I am going to drink my coffee and relax until about 9:30-10, then I’m going to get up and start cleaning. I will clean non-stop until noonish and then figure out lunch for Mike and do my Twitter parties. That’s the grand scheme in my mind. Hopefully I stick with it. I’m trying to build up my motivation as we speak… “C’mon, Nik. You can do this! You will clean the kitchen today. You will get everything you need to get done. Just do it. Crank it out and it will be done before you know it.”  The pressure is on.

Sweepstakes coming along…

The funniest thing happened, two blogs ago, I wrote about how I wanted to really get in to sweepstakes this time around and that I was going to try really hard to start winning this year. I was very confident in my ability to win and knew as long as I put forth the hard work I would win. Sure enough, I checked my old email account that afternoon and I had a few day old win in there! It was for 2nd place for the Hasbro sweepstakes that I was entering. Grand prize was $4500 worth of toys and games. I’m kinda happy I didn’t win that because I’m not entirely sure what I would have done with that. Second place prize was worth $190 and included a Furreal Unicorn, Transformers Bumblebee toy, and PieFace game. Awesome! I have no idea what I’m going to do with those prizes, but AWESOME! I won! That was all that matters. It was my first win for 2016. I have barely done any Twitter parties the past two weeks but then again they’re really slow coming in. I’ve just been busy with everyone being sick and home and then with this gathering we’re having Saturday. Honestly, Twitter parties are the last thing on my mind as of lately but I will get back in to doing them soon enough. Once everything settles down and there isn’t so much hectic craze going on.

I suppose I’m going to finish my dailies, maybe do my sweeps, and get ready to clean. I have Nick’s therapy appointment tonight and I am not looking forward to it. Ugh! It’s come that time where I am starting to not look forward to therapy appointment and that usually means that not too far off is canceling and then not going at all. Nick needs it though. He needs the therapy more than I do. Maybe I can overcome my fear of judgment and just have Nick go in to the appointments alone. Probably not.

Oh yea, I got my hair cut yesterday. I think I like it. I’m not sure. I have to still wash it and style it how I want to before I decide.


That is the before and after photos. She took off 1″ of length because it was fairly healthy and didn’t need a lot off. She took off 6″ of length with the layers. Except by my bangs, I don’t know exactly what she did there, but it’s super short (by my lips) and it looks like she just cut a chunk of it in to my hair and didn’t layer it. I don’t know how to describe it but if you look in the second photo at my lips then to the left you can see a chunk of hair that is much shorter. I have no idea what the hell that’s supposed to be. I don’t know if she cut my bangs to be short or what. Everything fits lovely in to a pony tale so that’s all that matters to me.

Ok! I gotta go!

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