Just figure it out

I had a rough day. I’ve had a rough past two weeks. Mike’s grandfather passed away on the 24th. We went up north and at his funeral that weekend (two weekends ago). I had a rough time. I bottled everything up in a way to be supportive for Mike. I powered through everything. Sure, I […]

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Please Fix Me

So, here’s what we’re going to do. I am going to type. Whatever comes to mind, on to my fingers, and into the keyboard, upon the screen is what’s going to come out. This is going to be a hodge-podge¬†of information that is just trying to be released from my brain. I need it out […]

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Pros and Cons

My mother always taught me that in any given situation you can use a pros and cons list. When you’re outweighing almost anything in life pros and cons list can help you decide. I have been very confident lately. According to my psychiatrist, that’s normalcy, not mania. Huh. News to me. Anyway, I’m experiencing some […]

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Not Titled.

I don’t have a fancy title for this blog post. It’s simple really, I’m bored out of my mind and have nothing better to do but write on here. So, here I am. There’s some things I haven’t talked about lately or forgot about so I thought I’d address them. Job Interview with Aflac I […]

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I’m incredibly sore lately. Yes, I just had surgery, it’s going to be a given that I’m a little sore. I’ve been pushing myself to do a little more and go a little further than I probably should. I don’t want to be a lump on the couch that isn’t moving around and doing nothing. […]

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I put in NuvaRing on Tuesday and I’ve felt like shit ever since. I only need to deal with this, this one last time then I’ll have my procedures and not have to deal with any of this anymore. The fears and the PTSD I feel each day I throw up from my days of […]

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I am incredibly bored right now but I don’t know when the boys will be returning so I’m going to make this fast. The boys, Mike, and his dad went to the baseball game tonight. They left me to fend for myself. So far, since they left around 4 pm, I have: watched about 8 […]

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I’m a wee bit testy today. Here’s why: It all started with waking up early this morning for what will be our last basketball practice since we’ll be at the Dells next weekend for the actual last practice. I got out of bed and reluctantly made my way downstairs to where I would find the […]

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He’s home. He will be within my arms as soon as his dad picks him up and drives him home. I couldn’t be as happy as I will be when he’s in my arms.

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This is hard. Only six more days… less than six days. More like five and a half days. He’s having a rough time. He wants to be home with us. He said he will never ever do this again because he “isn’t made to be without us.” I got tears in my eyes and had […]

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