I just want to start off this entry with a very loud scream into my pillow: AHHHHHHHHH! I even went as far as taking a ‘meditation shower’ where I wash myself of all the bad, negative energy and cleanse myself and my soul with new positive vibes. << That’s something new I’m trying. So far so good, because I’m feeling a little better than I did prior to my shower.

Are you one, like me, who hates showering? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do shower, but I hate the act of doing it. It takes everything in my being to go into the shower and just do it. Sure, once I’m inside and the scalding water is hitting me it’s magical, but everything else about it sucks.

  • having to face yourself naked – check
  • having to wash your hair which takes FOREVER because of how thick your hair is – check
  • washing and more noticing your horrendous body – check
  • shaving – enough said – check
  • getting out only to realize your shower was just used by your son and no other towels are upstairs that are clean because you decided to slack off on Tuesday on your day off – ugh – check
  • finally drying off enough but not quite enough to get your clothes on your horrendous body – check
  • doing your hair – OMFG do I HATE doing my hair – conditioning, combing, seeing half of it fall out because you’re combing so hard because of how thick and snarly it is – check
  • looking around and seeing all the clothes, q-tips, and toilet paper your teenage son has left lying around the bathroom – check

Ok, checklist complete as to why I hate showering. It’s one of those daily habits I need to get into the habit of doing but typically I don’t because I don’t work out or anything nor does my skin react well to showers every single day but yea, must just be me having to deal with half of that when showering.

Ok, I completely went off a totally different course that I wanted to take this entry.

Your site has been compromised…

Dreamhost notified me multiple times over the past few weeks. “Your site has been compromised…” I have done everything in my power to bring it back from the hacking but there wasn’t much I could do.

Ultimately, I ended up deleting everything on EA and a lot of my other subdomains and starting completely from anew. So what you see here is a completely new version of EA. A fresh install of WordPress, new plugins, and only one single theme uploaded. It doesn’t look like anything happened because I worked so quickly. I worked on it before I left for work this morning. I wanted to get it back up and at least back to the basic so nothing was wide open to be compromised again.

What. A. Mess.

It was a complete mess. I’m STILL emailing Dreamhost about it. They’re scanning my site almost every few hours to make sure all the compromised and bad files are gone for good. I had to change every single password, write them all down because they were like 15-20 character generated passwords. Seriously!

I think I got everything all figured out and it’s all better. *crosses fingers* 

Customer Service Week

This week is Customer Service Week at work. We have lots of fun, puzzles, etc. There are lots of things to do during CSW. Plenty to keep one busy, to say the least. However, the calls and webs do not slow down and stop just because it’s CSW.

Here’s what I think. *whispers* I think CSW is a conspiracy against seasonal workers. Hear me out before giving me the shifty eyes. >.> We have all this dazzle of fun and games and prizes and lots to do but the work doesn’t stop. The work doesn’t slow down. The calls are still coming in. Thousands of web tickets are coming in each day and all of them have to be processed. I mentioned to a co-worker he should be doing webs, and he’s like, “I’m not doing SHIT today!” Yup, that’s what I thought. No one was working on webs today. I was throwing them out left and right. I was cranking them out so quickly, I noticed I was the only one doing them at certain times. I ended up doing over 80 webs so far this week. It’s only Wednesday. I did roughly 40 the entire week last week. I think the management is looking at who is having fun and doing their puzzles and games and slacking off. I actually just really wish they’re seeing me doing all these webs and busting my ass. I just hope what I’m doing is being seen. I want to be noticed and recognized for the hard work I’ve put forth this week while my co-workers have slacked off and played around. Who knows, maybe I’ll be in the top 10 web producers this week instead of just ‘Top producer under 40 hours’.

Gonna Lose It

I have a new blog! Check it out! http://weightlost.eternalamour.com

It includes lots of introductions on how I plan on doing my weight loss journey AFTER Disney.

Yes, AFTER Disney, because fuck seizing the day and starting now where I’m just setting myself up for disaster in Disney. If Mike has the willpower to work out and get exercise in every single day while at Disney too, more power to him. I don’t see myself starting a habit now and then working towards it from now until then, then going and ruining everything I started to do. No thanks. I don’t need that disappointment in my life. I’ll start afterward. I’ll root Mike on from the sidelines for now, but after Disney, I will be right there with him. Ugh. Sorry, Mike’s buddy got into it with me on FB regarding starting now and “Seizing the day”.

I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. Yet, here I am, making an entire blog about myself, my journey, and my weight loss goals for accountability and I cannot even handle someone saying “seize the day”. Oh, lordy, what am I going to get myself into?

I gotta get myself accountable for my actions and hold myself to a higher standard then I hold others.

I guess I’m going to end this here. I’m in a pretty shitty mood now.

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  1. Sheri says:

    I can relate to your showering/body hatred feelings. I’m always happiest when my mirror is fogged and I can just clear out enough to make sure my hair looks passable. I will rarely look at the rest unless I have clothes on, and then it’s only to make sure everything is where it should be with no holes or stains.

    I’m glad your blog is better, I hope it stays that way. I just closed mine today :(

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