I am feeling much calmer these past two days. Monday I had work, and I was a wreck before work. Once I was at work and realized no one was going to yell at me for abruptly leaving on Thursday, I relaxed a little bit. My shift was pretty laid back. I worked from 12-4pm on the register, taking a break around 3pm. At 4pm, I went in back and watched company training videos which were fantastic! LOL, I watched six orientation videos and then it was my turn to leave so I was sure to log out with everyone and ensure it was OK to leave. After getting the OK, I headed home to start to enjoy my next two days off.

Yesterday was anything but laid back. I did so much! This list is limited to the things I remember off the top of my head but not complete to everything I did — I may have forgotten some things.

  • woke up at 7am and got my coffee so I could be up and ready to sign for my new medication (injections)
  • sat around like a bump on a log until they arrived at 10 am
  • immediately after, I got up and drove to the school district office and turned in the enrollment paperwork for the boys
  • I also filled out the free/reduce lunch program form
  • I dropped my bottle of Klonopin out of my purse and proceeded to play phone tag with the lady at the office until finally reaching her about 20 minutes later, after I was home, and was told to come pick up my prescription
  • ran back to the office and picked up my bottle of pills
  • came home and cleaned up the kitchen – dishes, empty the dishwasher, load the dishwasher, cleaned off the counter tops and stove
  • cleaned up the living room – vacuumed, decluttered, picked up Mikhail’s hundreds of random things he had down here
  • decided to jump in the car and go grocery shopping without the boys
  • spent way too much but got a bunch of food and non-food items including makeup remover wipes, paper plates, and new underwear for Mikhail
  • filled up my gas tank in my car
  • came home, unloaded everything, put it all away, and sat down for about 20 minutes
  • wrangled up the boys and headed out to Nick’s doctor’s appointment
  • spent the next hour at the doctor’s office discussing medication adjustments and his ear nonsense
  • got new prescriptions and headed through a fuck ton of traffic and went to Walgreen’s
  • got chips, and looked at the toys while we waited but eventually got most of our prescriptions and headed home
  • came home and immediately filled Nick’s pill box
  • started dinner — healthy fried chicken thighs and tater tots, mmm mmm!
  • cleaned up most of the dinner minus the oil
  • set the coffee pot for today
  • went and talked to Lynn about the Ninja cooker she bought me for my birthday
  • got the boys situated for bed
  • put them to bed
  • took my pills
  • then FINALLY sat down and relaxed the rest of the night

That about sum it up for the day.

LOL, I have to laugh because that ^ is exactly what my accomplishments diary looked like. I would write out every single thing I did that day. In the end of the end of the entire thing I would say something like, “Well, that’s all I did today.” “That about sums it up.” or “I suppose that’s all.” I never acknowledged all the things I did as being accomplishments but instead all the things I didn’t do instead.  So, I don’t think the therapy worked.

Today is much more laid back. I am going for injection training with the nurse at 11 for my new medication. Other than that, there is NOTHING on my agenda for today. I have so much done from yesterday that today I’m like “It’s my day off! I’m done!”

OK I got to go. TTYL

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