Hi, everyone. I don’t know what I last wrote about. I suppose I should check that out before I continue. — Ok. I’m caught up. So, here’s what has happened since Sunday evening. – Not much!

Monday morning was uneventful. We got the boys off to school and Mike didn’t need to start work until 8 am. I got everyone off and I headed to the doctor’s office.

— I’ve concluded I really cannot focus writing a blog post with the tv on. I work, function better with music. Weird how that works, isn’t it? —-

Ok, focus, Nikkole. So, I went to the doctor’s office with intentions of getting my ear cleared out *again*. The doctor came in, checked it and said it was “chocked full of shit” and said she’d clean me right up. The nurse came in and did it and I could hear again! She said I was a little red, more than likely from the pressure wash she just administered, and I told her I wasn’t going to do any more drops!

The doctor and I discussed the ickiness I’ve been feeling lately. She said it was more than likely the hormones left over from Mirena counteracting the new hormones from the Nuvaring. She said, “When you take out your Nuvaring for that week for your period and you suddenly feel so much better, you know that it’s from the Nuvaring.” I explained to her I only need to get through til I have my procedure done. She took a look at my chart and said that it was ordered and that I had a 1-hour long procedure scheduled for Sunday (the day before). I told her that I had no idea about any scheduled procedures and she advised me to call and get it straightened out.

I ran to the pharmacy to get Nick’s scripts filled. Afterward, I ran to the bank to get my dispute paperwork filled out for the fraudulent charges made on my card. — Unsure if I told you about that, but I had 3 pending transactions on my bank account last week from NY and CA for the balance of what I had in my account plus two charges of $0.00. They said I had to wait until they went through before I could do anything about them. — So, I went to the bank and got them taken care of. She said I should receive my money within 24-48 hours time. Whatever, that’s said and done, I just need to get my stupid card taken care of now.

Once that was all done, I came home and did some minor cleaning. I had done so much cleaning on Sunday that I didn’t have a lot to do on Monday. Lucky me. I also went grocery shopping on Sunday so that was one less thing.

My package was arriving today! I ordered a new coloring book. My friend, Mel, posted a picture she had colored from this coloring book and I fell in love.  The book is called Mermaids, Fairies, and other Girls of Whimsy by Hannah Lynn.

Amazon.com Mermaids Fairies Other Girls of Whimsy Coloring Book 50 Fan Favs 9781518710681 Hannah Lynn Books

Photo courtesy from Amazon.com

Isn’t it gorgeous!? How fun is this book going to be?! Unfortunately, I ended up getting the mail around 2 pm and by the time I got the book in my possession, I was simply too tired to do anything with it.

The rest of Monday was uneventful. Did the normal, everyday chores and routine: cleaned the kitchen, cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen again, put the boys to bed. I think we were in bed by 8:40 pm that night. Everyone was tired.


Tuesday, we all woke up a little slower. I got everyone off to work/school and I looked around and started cleaning the living room. Between calling my mom and sister, I got everything that needed to be done, done. I decided around 9:30 am that I was going to have an “ME” day. I felt like refreshing myself.

I went upstairs after cleaning most of the downstairs and decided to color. I opened up my new book and picked the very last page. It was the first page I opened up to so I decided to go for it. Here’s how it looked after about 20 minutes of coloring:

Daffodils page from Hannah Lynn Mermaids and Fairies coloring book

I was having troubles with my coloring pencils. They’re generic, Target-brand color pencils and I had a generic sharpener on top of it. Needless to say, the both of them didn’t want to cooperate. The skin-tone pencil ended up tiny by the time I was done breaking the damn pencil every five seconds. After about another 20 minutes of coloring, I completed the page:

Daffodils page from Hannah Lynn Mermaids and Fairies coloring book

Honestly, it was a really poorly taken photograph of the coloring because you can’t really see it but her scales are shaded. The daffodils are shaded. The waterfall in the back is three different colors and have white-caps on them. I really do like how it turned out, though. I persuaded two people to purchase the book too. I talked Krystal into wanting the book so we could have coloring contests again. When we were kids, we’d have days worth of coloring contests. It would be fun to do that again.

After my hour long coloring session, I took a long, hot shower and just relaxed for a little bit afterward. I had an “ME” day. It felt great. I think it helped a lot too.

Later that afternoon, I had my psychiatrist appointment. I was really nervous that today was going to be the day I found out he was going to retire. Surprisingly, I wasn’t overly freaking out about it, though. I was nervous but not giving myself a panic attack over it. That really dawned on me that maybe my days of uncontrollable panic attacks are through now that Mirena is gone.

I went in and saw him and after talking a while, he told me he was NOT retiring!  I was so happy to hear that. He said a lot of people were happy to hear that and that it was kinda selfish of them. I told him, “I am completely selfish and I need you. You will retire when you’re ready and that will be a sad day, but until then I’m going to be selfish and keep happy because you’re going to continue to see me.”

Afterward, I ran to Walgreen’s for what felt like the 8th time this week to pick up Mike’s prescriptions, then I came home. The boys gave me a really hard time that evening, though. I ended up grounding Mikhail and he spent about 20 minutes just sitting in front of me shooting me with darts from his Nerf gun. Good fun. 

I was upset because I spent most of that morning cleaning the living room and getting everything back in order and within only a few moments time everything I did was undone. That’s why I get so frustrated, I spend a bunch of time cleaning the house and within just one day or one moment during the weekend everything is undone. I guess I’m more upset about it because it looked really nice in here in the morning, and Mike didn’t see it at all because he didn’t come home for lunch.

Mike and I had a discussion the other day about cleaning the house and keeping it clean. He said that whenever he asks for me to do something I look at him like he’s asking me to kill a cat. I told him it hurts me when he asks me to do things because I feel like I’m not doing my job adequately. He says his inner perfectionist comes out sometimes when he cleans and that’s why he gets so angry while cleaning. I told him we needed to work on trying. We need to try to do stuff in between instead of being so black and white about everything. It’s always one way or another with us. It was a nice talk. I love when we have talks like that because I feel like we actually get some things off our chest and get it out in the air. I don’t think it happens enough and wish we could talk more.

Overall the beginning of the week has been pretty good. I’m slowly getting over this cold. It feels like I’ve had it for the past two weeks! A cough is still lingering. My nose occasionally clogs. I am kinda bleeding still. My muscles ache but are feeling slightly better. My anxiety is getting better. I’m yelling less, kinda. I’ve lost approximately 10-12 pounds of weight in two weeks. I am slowly getting better.

I suppose, I’m on the phone with my mom so I’m going to end this here because I’m distracted.

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    Even though I see you every day on FB, I like to read your summaries (I know, I’ve been way behind on blog reading!). I hope next week is a good one!

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